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Shia LaBeouf emerged as the new acting prodigy in the celebrity scene in the blink of an eye. The actor became famous for starring in Transformers (2007) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), but the expression 'infamous' would fit him more, since the world got to know him as the biggest weirdo in Hollywood. While this is neither a positive nor a negative thing, it is true that LaBeouf left the world baffled multiple times with his shocking and often incredibly funny behavior. Here are 10 weird things the actor has done so far:

10. Threatened his neighbor with a knife

Shia LaBeouf practicing with his knife on set
Shia LaBeouf practicing with his knife on set

This incident happened in 2005 when the actor was returning to his home and found his neighbor's car blocking the garage. The guy stopped his car in the entrance and kept talking to his girlfriend. LaBeouf was yelling and being generous with the car horn, but the neighbor refused to move. The actor got so furious that he intentionally bumped into his neighbor's car and left, only to return hours later armed with a knife, knocking on the dude's door. The police were quickly dispatched and they settled the situation.

While this sounds pretty weird in itself, things get even more bizarre considering that the actor himself remembers things a little differently. According to Shia LaBeouf (told in an interview with GQ), the neighbor had a minor car accident with the actor's mother and had insulted her. So, LaBeouf got out a knife, brought along a friend and hit up the guy’s apartment in defense of his mother, where he was allegedly jumped by six dudes before the cops showed up. Hmm, interesting.

9. Tried to start a fight with total strangers in front of a NYC strip club

In July 2014, Shia was caught taunting the pedestrians in front of a strip club in New York. The really weird thing is that he was trying to start a fight with complete strangers. Just imagine walking peacefully on the streets when suddenly, a wasted weirdo jumps in front of you from a titty-bar insisting that you punch him. I would be pretty surprised (haha!).

8. Openly admitted having sex with other people's girlfriends

While of course it isn't strange for someone to have a fling with an already committed partner (I would even argue it is in the human nature) it is a completely other thing to admit it publicly, creating an uncomfortable situation for others. Shia LaBeouf told Details Magazine that he had sex with Megan Fox during an interview in 2011. At that point she was, of course, married to Brian Austin Green, the same guy she was dating when the alleged fling would have taken place. A similar thing happened with Isabel Lucas, as well. Bizarre, right?

7. Wearing a paper bag over his head at the premiere of Nymphomaniac

The now infamous paper bag that reads 'I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE' covered up the head of the actor on the red carpet during the Berlin Film Festival at the premiere of Lars Von Tier's Nymphomaniac. This shocking and bizarre appearance surpassed even the weirdest outfits worn by Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus, and left the whole world baffled. Why did the actor do that? No one knows exactly.

When an interviewer tried to ask Shia about it, the actor simply answered, “I’m a bag. Ask me a bag question.” Wow!

6. Hour-long silent interview

In November, LaBeouf participated in an hour-long silent interview as part of a Dazed magazine story on the actor. LaBeouf and the journalist met in person without speaking a single word in his hotel room, with the actor and journalist both wearing GoPro cameras strapped to their heads. I mean, you can't really get weirder than this!

5. Getting into his role in Fury

Fury is a World War II action movie featuring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf about an American tank crew in France. In order to 'get into his role' as a US Army private in the hell of the Second World War, LaBeouf refused to shower for weeks and pulled out his own teeth on the set. If this is not crazy, then I don't know what is. Even though he was warned both by the director and Brad Pitt to stop driving everyone else crazy around him, he continued his crazy antics on the set. Eventually, he was moved to a separate hotel because of how badly he smelled. I guess he is an actor who really takes his roles seriously.

4. Getting into his role in Charlie Countryman

As we all know by now, Shia LaBeouf is an actor who wants to emerge through his roles and dares to push boundaries to do so. At least, that is the impression after the actor apparently dropped acid in front of the cast and crew. According to Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, he got naked, smashed things up and kept seeing an owl. That is not an appropriate behavior to display in public, is it? Even I can't believe this!

3. Got arrested at Walgreens

Just check out this David Letterman interview below, where the actor describes his incident in a Walgreens drug store in detail.

2. Staring at people in traffic

Recently, a motorcyclist uploaded a video on YouTube recorded with a GoPro attached to his helmet that shows him as he stops at a red light. Suddenly, Shia LaBeouf rolls up next to him, leaning out from a black pick-up gazing at him. That is just weird. The video now has 7 million views! Wow, it seems the world really follows the bizarre deeds of Shia LaBeouf. Here is the video:

1. Nymphomaniac Press Conference statement

In a press conference for Nymphomaniac at the Berlin Film Festival, the actor appeared with a missing lower tooth and wearing strange clothes. When they asked him the first question, he slowly and deliberately replied:

"When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much."

He then left the conference room, leaving everyone speechless for a moment -- including the rest of the cast in attendance. The actor left the deciphering of his words to us. If you know what he meant, please leave a comment! (Thanks!)

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