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Alamin Saleh

The interesting tale of a man and his robot is definitely one I would recommend. It follows Frank, played by Frank Langella, an old man living in a time he does not recognize. Frank used to be a cat burglar who lives in a world where technology has far advanced. Phone call that resemble Skype calls and robots walking the street are a normal thing.

The cast is rounded out by Liv Tyler and James Marsden playing Frank’s children as well as Susan Sarandon playing the librarian in town.

The movie begins with Frank’s son Hunter coming to visit his father and noticing that his dementia is further along. As a result he gets his father a robotic health aide. Prior to the robot’s arrival the only thing Frank did was go to library, the only person who want to there for actually books. On the first trip the viewers see she tells him that some rich kid is buying the library and changing everything to give people the “library experience”, since people do not need libraries to get books.

The main focus of the movie is the relationship between Frank and his robot. At first Frank hates him and ignores him. After a while Frank warms to the robot, who takes care of him by making healthy meals and advocating for exercise. On a trip into town Frank goes into a store that he regular steals from to take something and the clerk confronts him, so he leaves the merchandise behind. While walking home the robot reveals that he took it because Frank forgot it, the robot assumes this resulted from Frank’s dementia. This is when Frank realizes that the robot does not have laws in his programming and convinces the robot that the project he will take on is teaching the robot the skills he needed when committing crimes. He gets the robot involved in his heists and the journey that follows them for the rest of the film deals with the effects of Frank’s choices.

While the movie does end on a sad note, the overall film is very compelling. It simply is about an old man who makes a friend late in life. A man living in a world he barely understands and simply does not like. The strained relationships with his children are a result of his life as a criminal and the film shows you that.


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