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rickey russell

The team behind “Minutes To Midnight” has kicked off their crowd funding for the indie horror film over on Indiegogo. “Minutes To Midnight” takes place at a desolate mountain ski lodge where they are methodically hunted down by ruthless, sadistic masked men with an unknown agenda as the a group of seven friends and a mysterious backpacker are forced to form an alliance to survive. The film is directed by Eric Forsberg from a screenplay written by Christopher M. Don. “Minutes To Midnight” is set to star Kane Hodder, John Morrison and John Kapelos who have already signed on for the project.

After an unsuccessful shot at a new life on the West Coast, Michael Banning, 20s, retreats back to his close friends & co-workers at a ski resort. With an ominous snowstorm approaching, total isolation, and the New Year’s countdown, the group set out to celebrate. A blissful night of drinking, sex, and music is abruptly stopped when they see a bright flare outside in the storm resulting in the rescue of a backpacker caught in a hunter’s trap. For the complete breakdown of the film’s story head over to the campaign page where you can also find all the cool perks for supporting this indie project.


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