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Some of the most popular horror franchises and villains wouldn't be where they are today if it weren't for their countless sequels, good and bad! So even though the originals are what introduced us to slasher icons like Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers, the sequels are what made them what they are today! So with that, I give you my Top 4 Horror Movie Sequels! (And remember, this list is based off of my own personal opinions, so negative comments aren't necessary!)

4. Child's Play 2

Of course the first is what started the iconic Chucky in the horror business, but the second is the one that solidified his iconic place in horror history forever! This sequel not only includes everything everyone loved from the original, but it magnified those lovable details and made this sequel better than the original!(in my opinion). Chucky is even more brutal in this one as well, and I always loved how he died about 3 times in the end! Truly a memorable sequel!

3. Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors

Another one of the most popular horror movie sequels of all time! A Nightmare On Elm Street 3:The Dream Warriors is without a doubt going to be on most peoples list of favorite horror movies ever! This successful sequel again has everything you would expect out of a Freddy film. Better kills, awesome characters, unforgettable quotes, and a killer theme song to go with it! This movie is definitely the perfect 80's slasher to sit down and watch with the whole family! (I was kidding)

2. Friday the 13th part 4: The Final Chapter

Unlike the rest on this list, the iconic Jason didn't appear until the sequel, so it was only right to include him on this list! He has of course the most sequels out of the rest on this list, so there were many to think about before placing this one as the one to be on my list of favorite horror movie sequels. And I chose this one because again like the others, this has everything you would want out of a Friday the 13th flick! Jason already has his Hockey mask, so there really isn't anything new to this one besides the characters and the kills. But even so, it does everything so well, you have to love it! The kills, the villain, the stereotypical characters, and everything are definitely magnified in this sequel. Its definitely one to watch if you want a classic, 80's slasher movie to watch!

1. Halloween II

And finally my favorite horror movie sequel of all time! Halloween II is my favorite horror movie sequel for various reasons! Not only does it once more have everything you need from a Halloween film, but it surprisingly lives up to the original masterpiece! It's creepier, the music is still good, and Michael Myers is even more of a menace in this one! The supporting characters are ones you care about, Dr. Loomis is still as awesome as ever!, AND this officially put Michael Myers on the map as one of the most memorable horror villains of all time!

And that makes up for MY OWN personal list of horror movie sequels that I think will be around for an eternity!

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