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5 movies that will leave you with a greater appreciation of life and what it has to offer

Down in the dumps? Feeling uninspired? Missing the spring in your step? We know the feeling. And while our immediate response is to shut ourselves alone in a room and play Radiohead’s No Surprises on repeat, it is healthier to find inspiration in the world of feel-good cinema. Here is a list of movies that you probably never got around to watching, but definitely should, because they will provide you with the perspective you need to turn things around.

1.The Way Way Back (2013)

This critically acclaimed new movie from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine and Juno is bound to make you smile. Duncan is a 14 year-old introvert who goes to Cape Cod for the summer with his mother, Pam, and her new boyfriend, Trent. Trent vilifies Duncan for being so passive and rates him a 3 out of 10 on a scale of how he views Duncan, and all this makes Duncan’s self-esteem suffer. He is miserable living in Trent’s beach house but ultimately finds comfort working at Water Wizz, the local water park where the manager, Owen, takes Duncan under his wing. Owen becomes the father figure Duncan needs in his life, and their relationship helps Duncan believe in himself enough to stand up to Trent.

2.Butter (2011)

Like Julia Child always said, everything is better with butter — and this movie is no exception. Featuring a wonderfully gifted cast who fit their respective roles to a T, Butter tells the story of Destiny, a young foster child placed in Iowa. Destiny competes in the Iowa butter sculpture contest against Laura, played to villainous perfection by Jennifer Garner. Laura is an ambitious trophy wife with dreams of running for Senate, and will stoop to anything to win the competition. Hilarity ensues when Brooke (Olivia Wilde), a prostitute, and Laura’s former lover, Boyd Bolton (Hugh Jackman), enter the fray. An inspirational story of talent, conviction, and good intentions, Butter is exactly what Julia Child prescribed.

3.Rory O’ Shea Was Here/Inside I’m Dancing (2004)

We dare you to watch this movie and not be moved by it on some level. We dare you! Even the nastiest, most cynical, and absolutely vile human being will watch this movie and shed tears of joy. Rory O’ Shea Was Here is the story of two disabled men, Michael and Rory, who reject institutional living and decide to live independently in an apartment under the supervision of a caregiver. Michael and Rory are sick of the way society looks at them with pity, and want to prove that they are no lesser for being born the way they are. A story of love, friendship, and ......... read more.

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