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Griffin Rushton

So, The DCCU has been rapidly expanding in terms of casting in the past month or so. Many rumors have been shot down or credited as well. So far, in Man of Steel 2 (I refuse to think WB will do Batman vs. Superman which is only a small class above movies like Alien vs. Predator), a new Batman will be introduced, along with Wonder Woman, the Flash is will make a cameo. This. Is. Awesome. I've read that a lot of people speculate that Batman vs. Superman is a cover for a Justice League movie, but come on, would Warner Bros. one of the BIGGEST movie studios in the world just rush into something that has barely passed infancy? Or has it..?

Earlier today, I watched a video where Stephen Amell (of Arrow) stated that he believes that the characters of Arrow and the characters of DCCU are being portrayed as the definitive versions of the characters. Not one character is better adapted for television or film, they are the root and core of the character, so in that sense, the characters of Arrow and the DCCU can merge together. I think this has become pretty obvious with the casting of Gal Gadot. I think that Warner Bros. is definitely taking the root and core approach, they found an actress who they think will portray Wonder Woman not as a film icon or a huge feminist symbol, but as an Amazonian Warrior Princess. They could very easily have chosen a big name actress to play the part which to me would have said "We are the DCCU, that is Arrow, they're separate." But they didn't, they chose a relatively unknown actress to play the part meaning they want Wonder Woman, not Yadda Yadda PLAYING Wonder Woman.

So, with that, I'm proposing that the DCCU and Arrow will begin to share a universe. Grant Gustin was great as Barry Allen on Arrow and since he is getting his own pilot, his cameo makes much more sense. There wouldn't have to be an origin story, he could just be there.

Here's my cast:

Superman: Henry Cavill

Batman: Ben Affleck

Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot

Green Lantern (Personal Choice) Hal Jordan: Jensen Ackles

The Flash- Barry Allen: Grant Gustin

Aquaman (Personal Choice): Brett Tucker

Martian Manhunter (Personal Choice): Lance Reddik

I think that eventually the league should expand out in a sequel or two to DEFINITELY include Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy (once she finally turns into Black Canary).

Green Arrow: Stephen Amell

Black Canary: Katie Cassidy

Just as a fan's opinion, I strongly hope that they do cast Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor (Predicted Casting): Joaquin Phoenix

I think what will set The Justice League in its own category away from the Avengers is the style and approach to the movie. I felt like The Avengers was trying to put comics straight into real life with only few alterations. I believe that WB/DC can make something incredible with TJL by using good actors and actresses and making definitive representations on the characters in a realistic world that isn't spoiled with misrepresentations of what a superhero-filled society would actually be like. Keep it real and keep it quality.


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