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The DVD cover art has been released for Thanatomorphose along with word of the film’s US release. Thanatomorphose will hit shelves January 21st 2014. The Canadian horror film is directed by Éric Falardeau and tells the disturbing visceral tale of a young woman who wakes up to find her flesh rotting. It stars Émile Beaudry, Eryka Cantieri, Roch-Denis Gagnon, Simon Laperrière and Karine Picard.

The word Thanatomorphose is an ancient Hellenic word to describe the moment an orgasm shows visible signs of decomposition due to death.

A Cronenbergian smorgasbord of rancid flesh and sexual gratification, THANATOMORPHOSE, by Canadian director Eric Falardeau,picks up where Nekromantic left off. Discovering several bruises on her body after a night of rough sex, a young woman is shocked as, rather than heal itself, her body begins rotting from the inside out. She faces a terrifying and gory descent into a living death, as her putrifying body begins to literally ‘fall off the bone’.

A strange and claustrophobic tale of sexuality, horror and bodily fluids, THANATAMORPHOSE will not only make you wince, but is strangely uplifting in its take on mortality. The title means the physical signs of a body’s decomposition, caused by death. - See more at:


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