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Evan James Hewitt

Let me first start off by saying that I think 2013 has been a year of good movies, not GREAT movies. I also want to say that I have not yet seen a few highly anticipated and critically acclaimed movies such as Her, The Wolf of Wall Street or 12 Years a Slave. That being said, here is my list:

1. Man of Steel

I really enjoyed this movie. I liked the first half hour showing Krypton and Kal-El's origin. The action scenes throughout were very well done and Zod was portrayed wonderfully. Casting was very well done. Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe were all perfect for their roles. The tone and cinematography were done with a perfect Christopher Nolan-esque style with the darkness of Zack Snyder's style.

2. American Hustle

This was by far the best ensemble film. The whole cast was wonderful with their accents, clothes and ridiculous 70's hairstyles. This movie was not at all what I was expecting. I thought it would be a little more of an action/gangster flick. Instead, the movie focused more on dialogue and character development which was good. I was entertained the whole time but I'm still wondering who got conned and by whom. Maybe that's what director David O. Russell was going for. All in all, a very well directed, acted, and scripted movie. Not to mention the awesome soundtrack.

3. Star Trek Into Darkness

Honestly all I have to say about this movie is Benedict f**kin Cumberbatch. He IS Khan.

4. Mud

This under-the-radar film reminded me of one of my favorite coming of age movies "Stand By Me". I have never been a fan of Matthew McConaughey, or anything he's been in but he redeemed himself in this movie. Newcomer Tye Sheridan, the main character, killed it in his performance. This film is one of the only movies this year that really made me connect with every character in it.

5. Gangster Squad

This movie did not receive the reviews it deserves. Another ensemble movie on my list with A-Lister actors such as Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, and Sean Penn. Penn portrayed Mickey Cohen's utter ruthlessness, Brolin represented the every man that wants to stand up against the criminals of the world and Gosling/ Stone showed the suave, sexy and glamorous style of L.A. in the late 1940's.

Well there's my list. Comment below and let me know what you think.


Which is your favorite movie of 2013?


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