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Evro Onmystuntshytt Die-tzel

I think if done properly this idea could make for some very COOL and very intense action movies and would make a "justice league" movie stand out from other superhero movies such as "AVENGERS" or those crazy X-dudes we all know and love... instead of our heroes uniting over a common threat, why not make it several very uncommon threats?

Of course bigger villain characters such as Darkseid or even Brainiac could be used in a way such as Thanos is being used in "Avengers" for example we could have lesser known baddies or villains that have already been seen on the big screen (joker, lex) lead up to the big boss in some weird twisty way...

This would also be a good method of bringing out some bigger more unrealistically powerful heroes such as captain marvel to fight a bigger threat. It could also be a way to use less popular or somewhat useless heroes such as Aquaman or whoever it may be...they could just be there to add girth to the team and could kinda act like bench warmers or just background support for our main heroes like big blue and the bat (please NO wonder twins!)

In 2012 we got to see marvel's big team assemble on the big screen. now its DC's turn! and just like everyone else I do not want to pay money to see a "diffrent version" of the same movie ("the Avengers") instead of one villain at a time lets get them all at once!!! ...I mean really why would superman need batman's help? He is superman...this threat HAS to be big enough to assemble the "JUSTICE LEAGUE"!!!! what a better way to do that than with the "LEGION OF DOOM"!!!

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should the LOD be in a JLA movie?


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