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Firas Haidar

We’ve been raiding the internet with posts about Batman Vs Superman and DC’s work on both the small and the big screen, and honestly I’m not surprised. While Marvel had a huge success in theaters, I think many of us agree that Agents of SHIELD was one big mistake (It feels like a Disney show), but on the other hand, DC proved worthy of being able to dazzle us in theatres and on television (Arrow and the anticipated The Flash).

Now, although I think it’s still too soon for a crossover between DC’s television works and its movies, it can still work in a certain way. (I also think it’s too early for a Batman Vs Superman movie but I believe Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer are good when it comes to bold moves and they’ll manage to pull through). If DC wants a crossover, we should consider a few things first:

• The series, both Arrow and the upcoming The Flash, are focusing on the heroes’ early days, while a Batman Vs Superman movies will feature an experienced Batman for sure (otherwise he wouldn’t stand a chance), meaning Green Arrow and The Flash should be experienced as well, thus the movie’s timeline is different from the series’.

• A Green Arrow appearance can go a long way, especially after The Dark Knight Returns comics, where Green Arrow helps Batman defeat Superman.

• Batman should already be acquainted to Green Arrow.

• Introducing all these characters, even with cameos, can set up a solid ground for a Justice League movie. That’s why it has to be done right or the mistake will drag along for a few years to come.

What I have in mind is this, the series serve as a prequel. They are set years before the movie, and the Green Arrow and Flash to be introduced in Batman Vs Superman are a little older with more experience and badass equipments. Green Arrow doesn’t appear much but helps Batman in his fight against the Man of Steel. Flash and Wonder Woman play a reconciling role. And Deathstroke has an after-credit cameo appearance telling Lex Luthor about The Society, thus a Justice League movie. (Unless they want Darkseid in the JLA movie, check out my article).

With that said and done, a Nightwing appearance in Arrow is off the table, because Nightwing came way after Green Arrow started his career.

Two questions though: Gal Gadot gets to play Wonder Woman? Isn’t she too skinny? And are we getting a Green Lantern reboot?

I’m also tempted to write a post discussing how the fight between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel goes, and I might even write one soon. What do you guys think?


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