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One needs to check the DC Comics/Marvel back catalogue and find if there was any superhero that had ‘gold’ as his defining element.

Throw in the Gold superpower to join Man of Steel and Iron Man (re-issue of Bond’s ‘Goldfinger’, anyone?) and you will have gold, steel and iron propping up the global box office in much the same way those metals keep commodity traders glued to their screens. Still, until then let’s run the rule over Steel and Iron. Man of Steel vs Iron Man.

Henry Cavill vs Robert Downey Jr.

Cavill has the muscle and the steely look to flesh out this version of Superman – a more serious superhero caper (aren’t they all these days, cue the Dark Knight)

However, in the cool stakes can anybody beat Mr Downey Jr. He is so cool, he gave life to a dead Iron Man 3 script – which was far more difficult than anything he had to do in the movie.

Superman has the muscles, but Iron Man has the charm.

Iron Vs Steel suits

If you're an Iron Man fan and a Hot Toys fan, then you're getting hit hard by the numerous releases, no doubt about it. It seems like they get bigger and more amazing with every announcement. The blue color of the Igor/Brute/Hulkbuster armor is an unexpected surprise, considering the leaked concept art featured the large suit sporting the classic hot rod red and gold colors, and its grand appearance in the latest full Iron Man 3 movie was slightly masked in the darkness of night.

Even so, there's no question that the blue tights and red underpants - based on those worn by Victorian-era 'strongmen' over flesh-colored bodysuits to resemble nude, classical heroes - were a hit, as the basic design remains unchanged seventy years later. The new suit Adopting the notion of the 'S' representing 'hope' back on Krypton - first introduced in "Birthright" - the new suit is woven even more directly into the history of Superman's home planet it's darker but more hyper-realistic. Maybe it's got a bit of a darker tone; it's not as comical, there's no comical villains or anything like that.


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