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Martian Manhunter:

David Oyelowo: He's got the right age, the right look, and the right chops to star in a superhero movie. He has been great in everything that i've seen him in. He would be good to play the lonely Martian.

Green Arrow:

Jude Law: For all the same reasons that Oyelowo made the list, Jude law is my choice for Green Arrow. I do not want to see Stephen Amell in the cinematic universe.

Steve Trevor:

Ryan Gosling: He has chops. He is a hit with the ladies. Who else would be better to play Colonel Trevor than a ladies man. The guy dated Wonder Woman.


Hayden Panettiere: She is a knockout, Catwoman is a knockout. She can act, Catwoman is a role. This is a good match to me. I have a feeling that others will not agree though...


Joe Manganiello: This guy has not done anything particularly amazing... yet. I think that he has it in him to take on the role of the Savage Hawkman.


Rinko Kikuchi: Simply because of how much but she kicked in Pacific rim.

Star Girl:

1.) Amanda Seyfried: Amanda Seyfried is one of my favorite actresses around. She is a good actress, she is beautiful, and it is about time for her to play a super heroine.

Simon Baz (Green Lantern) and Vibe:

I honestly haven't put any thought into this role or character. I don't think that he will have much impact on the movie anyway.


Amanda Waller- Kerry Washington


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