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Jessica Harmon

While The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug continues to reign at cinemas, another Tolkien-inspired film is singing a sweet song of success on home video!

Indie film Rise of the Fellowship, released earlier this month, has been a runaway hit this holiday season... and continues to RISE!

Distributed by Phase 4 Films, the movie is not only selling big in retail stores across the country but is holding strong in the Top 40 films streaming on Amazon. The "little can-do film" is competing against big studio fare like The Wolverine and Despicable Me 2, and climbing each week, attesting to the powerful nature of a solid independent feature. It has surpassed newly released rentals like One Direction : This is Us and Ain't Them Bodies Saints starring Casey Affleck.

Rise of the Fellowship, which features the Lord the Rings online game as an integral part of its plot, tells of a group of friends who embark on an epic journey to find a new world they have only heard of, encountering dangerous obstacles and threats around every corner. During their quest they lose one of their most precious possessions and must display depths of bravery and heroism that they never thought possible. With the aid of some unexpected allies along the way, the companions fiercely look for certainty that they can reach their destination.


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