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Here are some suggestions to make to make Man Of Steel 2 succeed.

#10 Batman and Superman must have a fair fight

Reason: I know Batman is really smart. However he is still a human. Superman flicks Batman and dies. Batman could use Kryptonite or use armor to make it a fair fight.

#9 Have a business rival between Wayne Tech and Lex Corp/Have Bruce and Lex rebuild the metropolis

Reason: It would make sense if you watch Man Of Steel 1 or look at the Easter Eggs it would make sense.

#8 Have Lex Luthor in his armor suit/Have Lex Luthor as the baddie/Have Lex frame Batman and Superman/Have Lex Luthor run for president/Have Lex Luthor as the main antagonist

Reason: Before you say "Save Lex for Man Of Steel 3". Here's my Response. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know he's been WAY overused but not properly. We've never him with Mercy nor we've never seen him in his armor suit. We need that Lex Luthor so at the same time we'll be getting something new. And honestly I'd much rather see (just) Brainiac in Man Of Steel 3.

#7 Batman and Superman must eventually team up

Reason: They can't be permanent enemies or else they can't do Justice League.

#6 Have Bruce Wayne start off on the side of Lex Luthor

Reason: Batman should start off on Lex's side which would be a good motivation for Batman to fight Superman. Now think realistically. Lex Luthor should be pulling Batman's strings.

#5 Make Wonder Woman a minor character

Reason: I actually have no opinion Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. But I would have Wonder Woman a minor character or just not have Wonder Woman in it all. It should focus on Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor.

#4 Have Mercy Graves as Bruce Wayne's Love interest and the film's secondary antagonist

Reason: Maybe this will help those cry babies saying "Lex Luthor is overused". We'll we've never seen him pair up with Mercy before right? If she was in the film, she would work well as Bruce Wayne's love interest.

#3 Introduce Jimmy Olsen

Reason: Well he's an important character in Superman. Now is a good time to introduce him. He could serve well as a comic relief.

#2 Do Not have Lois Lane as Bruce Wayne's love interest

Reason: Yes it worked in the cartoon. I agree. I worked because she didn't know that Clark Kent was Superman. In Man Of Steel 1 she does. So that would seem out of place.


Reason: Look Freddy Vs. Jason SUCKED MAJOR ASS, all right. Whether you like or dislike Freddy Vs. Jason it was a box office bomb. And they're probably not going to. Synder said he's not adapting TDKR so get over it.


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