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Well, what to say after such an emotional goodbye from Matt Smith? BBC really does want to ruin my Christmas and New Year, with Sherlock on its way I don't know how 2014 is going to start positively.

Matt Smiths farewell was well executed in my mind. As a media student I saw it as a tribute to all he had done in his years as the Doctor. It didn't necessarily fit with the plot and had some loose edges but as an ending of one era and the start of another I think it did give me the same emotions I had when David Tennant left. The slight references to his past, the fish fingers and custard, the angels, the silence and AMELIA POND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD got me sobbing and I realised Matt Smith did a great job of being loved and accepted by the whoniverse after such a great act by Tennant. He will truly be missed and oh god, am I sobbing now?

However 'a hero for a whole new generation' was introduced quite abruptly with a 1 second snap to the back and HERE'S CAPALDI! But to be quite honest I thought he regenerated at the clock tower so I suspect he regenerated mostly there. Anyway I didn't see much to comment on Peter Capaldi's Doctor mainly because I couldn't hear what he was saying but judging his accent and the lines I interpreted I am sure it will be amazing to have a change from quirky to serious in the new series.

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Here is the regeneration to quench your whovian thirst. Enjoy!


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