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I just finished reading the Graphic Novel, "Captain America, Man out of time". It was such an interesting story that I decided that it would make a great end to either the Captain America or Avengers Trilogies. It not only has Captain America, but also has the Avengers, a member of the Fantastic Four, The Hulk's side-kick Rick Jones, and Time Travel. The main Bad Guy is Kang the Conqueror, a human from the future. Here is the Synopsis of the story:

This is a time travel story that takes place between 1945 Europe & New York and present day New York. The preface starts with Captain America and Bucky in their Civilian Identities talking to a group of GI's just before they go after the drone that allegedly kills Bucky. It shows Bucky's supposed death then switches to the Present day to start the actual story with Cap awaking in a submarine with the Avengers. He attacks them in the confusion, before they eventually calm him down. When they come into New York Harbor, Cap is asked to wait before coming out. When he does come out, Cap hears screaming. Going to a young woman's aid who is about to be raped by three men with guns, Cap is shot by the very person he was trying to help because she was carrying drugs. He then goes to in the hospital where he is treated by an older doctor, whose father served with Cap in WWII and by a young African-American female doctor whom he mistakes for a nurse. Upon being corrected on that point, She asks him why he is smiling to which he replies "that it's nice to see." Upon leaving the Hospital, Cap runs into Rick Jones who needs his help in finding the Avengers. After they get on the Internet, Cap sees a suspicious-looking man who was at the docks and Rick states that he believes the Avengers were turned to stone. They go to the Hotel that the suspect is staying in and discover that he is from outer Space. Cap gets him to return the Avengers to normal. After the Avengers are restored, Cap tries to find anyone he knew from 1945 to no avail. He finally finds General Jacob Simon, his commander in WWII, who is in bad shape. Steve tells General Simon that he can't believe that this is what they fought for, to which General Simon tells him that, "It's easy to fight when you're winning" before passing away. After the funeral, Iron man tells Steve to suit up because they are going after an unknown enemy. This turns out to be Kang claiming earth for himself, after telling the Avengers that he is from two-thousand years in the future, just before capturing most of the team. Cap almost defeats Kang single-handedly before being sent back to V-E day in 1945, where he tries again to contact his friends from the war with the same results. He finally runs into one of the soldiers that were with him and Bucky at the beginning of the story. The guy doesn't know that Steve is Captain America and when Steve tells him he left some friends in a bind with no way of helping them, the guy says, "Captain America says there is always a way to help friends in need." Steve then goes to his Hotel room and gets his Avengers ID Card, typing in a message for Rick Jones before hiding it in a picture frame that General Simon gives him in the present. Rick finds the Message, having Reed Richards time-travel to 1945 to pick Cap up and return him to the present. Cap and Rick then free the Avengers. Once they are freed, the Avengers defeat Kang under Captain America's command. After that He is appointed permanent Field Commander of the team. The Epilog has Steve going on a camping trip alone, letting go of the past so that he can embrace the present, Finally realizing that there will always be something to fight for and that he will always be a Soldier.

There you have it, folks. What do you think? Do you think this would work within the Cinematic Universe Marvel has created? Would it be a fitting end to either franchise? How about as an Animated Movie? comment below and keep it clean. As always, follow me on [email protected] if you like.


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