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I remember when Batman Begins came out, I was thrilled to watch it, so awesome.

In the same year I started to pay attention to soundtracks, something that for some is very hard. I started to give the same attention to music as the film itself, it brings a flawless experience.

Does it not happen with you when in a dramatic scene you see actors crying or asking help, or even when they cry for their loved ones, and the music plays in a dramatic way that automatically you start crying?

That's music stimulating your brain.

Try watching the same scene but muted.

So, as I was saying, I started with Batman Begins, and then Pirates of Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and the famous Man Of Steel. Not to mention, The Thin Red Line, The Last Samurai, Prince Of Egypt, Gladiator, Mission Impossible and the The Rock.

My question is, what can Hans Zimmer do with the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, Interstellar and "Batman vs. Superman" (Rumored)?.

Recreating the Batman Franchise.
Recreating the Batman Franchise.

Is he going to maintain the same theme by James Horner or create something different but with the same message? I think none of this will do, he will surprise us. :)

And what about Interstellar? I think for this movie, we will hear something like Inception.

Speaking of Nolan, and "Batman vs. Superman" (rumored) If he is the composer (and I hope), I'm sure that he will bring us something different from Nolan's Batman, something more heroic without forgetting the dark tone of the vigilante.

Also, with Wonder Woman confirmed, I hope to listen to something magic, but very feminine. For "The Last Son of Krypton" we should listen to his theme (what am I going to do when I'm not saving the world) more expanded and more elaborated, that reflects Superman.

Is this going to reflect how Justice League opens?


Which soundtrack are you looking forward to listen?


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