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After recently watching the Bryan Singer X-Men trilogy and the most recent film X-Men: First Class, again, I have realized how far off the story lines are. I liked the movies a lot, but if you pay attention to the details the movies don't really line up. Now, did the directors of the other movies even watch the previous films to at least get that side of the story correct?

In X-Men: First Class, Xavier meets Raven aka: "Mystique" when they are children. Which was also in 1944 and remain friends throughout the years. We pick up the story in 1962 where we meet Beast. Now in Singers X-Men, Xavier has no recollection of Raven. Not even a mention of knowing her before she went to Magneto. So why bring her in the First Class story line if they don't even know each other in X-Men? Beast, in First Class looks like he is in his late twenties, which is about the same for the others, (Xavier and Raven). But in X-Men, Xavier is around sixty to sixty-five, which is the same for Magneto. Got that right, now Raven is like thirty in X-Men. How does that work out? Beast is around fifty in X-Men: The Last Stand so that works out with the story lines. Beast knows about Raven's capture and still no mention of their past, but in First Class they have a "flirt" relationship kind of. So why even have that in the movie if its not in the original X-Men? Hell, why even put Mystique in the First Class movie if the story lines don't match?

Now sure I'm being nit-picky here, but if you watch the movies again, they don't make sense. First Class is a prequel to the original X-Men movies, after The Last Stand it then goes on to The Wolverine, then Days of Future Past. X-Men Origins: Wolverine only has two issues for me, Sabertooth is seen as Wolverine's half brother, but in X-Men he is a just a pawn of Magneto and he doesn't seem to remember their past. Which confused me greatly. And Xavier at the end of Origins is walking, not in a wheelchair yet, he looks to be around fifty. So when did he get paralyzed? Also in The Last Stand we see Magneto and Xavier are CGI to look younger but still look around fifty and Xavier is still walking. Which was ten years before we meet the X Men and Jean Grey is around the age of twelve. So when did he get paralyzed? Kind of confusing right? But in First Class Xavier is paralyzed around the age of twenty-five to thirty. So how does that work in the other films? This has been a topic in interviews with the directors, and left them well...shocked. leaving them with a face which says "How did we miss that?" As I said, I liked the X Men movies. I can't wait for Days of Future Past to come out. Not knocking the series, just pointing out the mistakes that they have in the series. Comments are welcome. Did you ever notice these mistakes?


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