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For years I've been hoping that we'd get to see some of our favorite Marvel characters come to TV- even before these movies became so popular. With the TV success of shows such as Smallville and Heroes (hey the first season was amazing!) and currently Agents of SHIELD and Arrow, I really just keep getting my hopes up that one day this could happen, but for now this seems very unlikely. Just for fun, let's think about why it would be fun!

So in this hypothetical scenario let's assume that the rights all belong to Marvel (I'm unclear if anything but the film rights belong to Fox and Sony. Can someone clarify?) What I would love to see is more of a modern storyline such as what existed in the Ultimate Universe when it started, and of course, what everyone hates: reboots!

I'm suggesting that we start out with four different TV shows:
Fantastic Four

Now, for fun, this is what I'd like to see as the first couple seasons. In my mind these seasons would run simultaneously so we could see some small crossovers throughout, like we do in the comics. Eventually Beast could join the Avengers, and go back to the X-Men. Kitty Pryde could leave the X-Men to attend school with Spider-man, and Nick Fury could be everywhere!


In the Ultimate X-Men story line it originates with Xavier leading a team consisting of Cyclops and Jean. In the first few pages they recruit Colosuss, Storm and Beast, and right away their tour of the mansion is interrupted by Sentinels in LA attacking a young mutant -- Iceman. They rescue him and make up the core team.

Meanwhile in Genosha Magneto leads a mutant nation and seeing Xavier's team on the news decides it's time to end his old friend's life before he gets in the way of his plans. He sends Wolverine, one of his dedicated goons, to infiltrate the X-Men and kill Xavier. The longer Wolverine is with the X-Men the more Xavier helps him recover his memories, and he turns on Magneto. The Sentinels are sent to Genosha to destroy all mutants there but Magneto takes control of them re-directing them to attack DC. In the end Quicksilver, tired of how his father mistreats him, turns on him taking his helmet, allowing Xavier to take control of Magneto's mind. In the end Xavier allows the world to believe Magneto is destroyed even though Xavier has only merely taken his memories, and given him a new life in Manhattan. A chilling ending and cliffhanger!


In the first volume of the Ultimates Nick Fury creates a team of metahumans including Captain America, Hulk, Giant-Man, Wasp, and Iron Man. Eventually they're joined also by Black Widow and Hawkeye. A big part of the storyline consists of them trying to figure out if Thor is actually the Norse God or just a crazy superhuman with powers. Another really awesome part of the story is that the Hulk goes on a rampage and the Ultimates have to put a stop to him, making their debut and instant fame, but because of the fight with the Hulk they keep Bruce Banner away from the public eye.
There is also an ongoing storyline of an alien invasion, because this was what the Avengers film was about we'd probably want something different. I think the Masters of Evil consisting of Baron Zemo, Abomination, Absorbing Man, Wonderman, and the Enchantress. With Loki in the background calling the shots. Much like the storyline in the cartoon Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
Instead of having origin stories where we see Captain America during WWII, Iron Man being captured and building the Mark I, Hulk being exposed to Gamma Radiation....etc.... If needed we could impose flashback episodes to tell those parts of the stories. This would save time because for the most part people have seen the movies and not only understand where these characters come from but the repetition is unnecessary.

In season 2 (after X-Men Season 1) the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver could join the Avengers team after helping rescue the President from their father Magneto.

I would like to see similar things with the Fantastic Four being rebooted, and Spider-man too. One thing that could be really fun is to do crossovers each summer with a mini-series with a few of the characters from each show. Crossovers such as: Secret Wars, Avengers Disassembled, House of M, Civil War....etc. The Skrull Invasion would be a fun crossover as we watch all four shows we get different clues about the invasion, but the X-Men don't trust the Avengers, and Spider-man doesn't trust anybody so the viewers are learning more than the characters. Each show could be independent but could also connect.

With the announcement of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones getting their own Netflix original shows that will exist inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I really DOUBT we're anywhere near Marvel getting ready to reboot their entire Universe!

Spider-man Cinematic Universe has recently been rebooted, and the X-Men Universe seems to be doing well enough to last a little while longer. At least until 2020. Fantastic Four is planned on being rebooted for 2015. I don't think the flim universes could co-exist with a seperate TV universe. It would be too confusing. It would have to be one or the other.

I know this is just for me, and will probably never happen. The ideas behind it makes me really excited though, and wishful! Maybe our children will see something like this once the superhero movies have run their course?

What do you think, any kind of chance? Would this be something you'd like to see?


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