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Ashtin Birkicht

I really don't like starting articles off with me gushing over an actor, but can someone please tell Tom Hiddleston he has stolen my heart?

I loved Chris Hemsworth, and I loved Natalie Portman. It was like every actor was nailing their parts down perfectly, and then there was Hiddleston, who plays Loki. What can I say other than the man can act? He has such a terrific ability, and I want to see him play a hero role sometime soon in the future so I can watch him even more. From news and clippings on Youtube, Hiddleston seems like a genuine sweetheart, watching him play the evil God of Chaos mad me realize what true talent is.

Now that my love for Tom Hiddleston has been expressed in this article, let's get to the good parts.

Yet another cliffhanger in a December movie, this one wasn't nearly as bad as the Hobbit's, but still bad enough that I can't wait for Thor 3 or even the Avengers 2, despite the speculation and rumors on whether or not Hiddleston will be in the latter movie. Cliffhangers don't bother me as much as they should in movies like this, for some strange reason I have yet to figure out. It was so well written I almost cried again.

Which brings me to my second, or third if you count the beginning, point of this article. I cried. Twice. Let me start out by explaining something. I never cry during movies. In fact, out of my twenty years of watching movies, I have only cried twice, once in Titanic at the very end, and once in Bridge to Terabithia at the very end. I cried twice during this movie, won't go into details over well, but two times my eyes watered and I balled like a baby. Was it the great acting, the great script, or the overall greatness in the scenes, I will never know, but I have to say when you are supposed to feel the feels, you most definitely feel the feels.

I really wish I could find something bad about this movie from my view point, and it's probably the fact my mind exploded after watching it due to Tom Hiddleston's acting, but I can't.Thor 2 was spectacular. The special effects were good enough to be believable, the dialogue was superb, and the acting incredible. Alan Taylor knew exactly what he was doing when directing this movie.

If you have yet to see Thor 2, I highly recommend you do so, it will blow your mind.


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