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So, I was asked before to do a review on the movie I was asked to watch. Yes, this was my first time watching Curse of Chucky. I know it's taken me a long time to get round to it!

So first of all, if you watched this film and turned it off before watching to the end of the credits you really missed out! We get to see where Tiffany delivered the package (Chucky) too ~ an adult Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent). Now I'm not going to say anymore, but after watching the after credits short I really don't see how Chucky can come back to life for a 7th film! But then again, he never dies!

Did I enjoy the film? yeahhhnahhh ...

It was... okay. But no where near the quality that the original three Child's Play films were. Chucky did look different, and as usual in 21st century horror films the acting was terrible. So would I watch it again? Nah.

What I did like about this film was the background of Charles Lee Ray. Showing what his life was like before becoming a doll. This film was one hell of a lot gorier and darker than any of the previous installments, I suppose that comes with modern day technology and graphics (although the axe kill was pretty bad!). Kills were a lot more gruesome, and I'm not going to deny it, I went through the roof at the end when the grandma with the plastic bag on her head popped up!

So if I'm totally honest, it has to be my least favourite Chucky film by far. And let's be honest, seed of Chucky was pretty bad! So now that Child's Play 7 has been confirmed, I think I will go see it eventually, but like I have with Curse of Chucky, I will be in no immediate rush to see it!

If you haven't already, give it a shot - you may just like it. It's not a terrible film but it's certainly not a good one! I feel that the Child's Play franchise should have finished after the 3rd installment. Saying this, I am a huge Chucky fan and can't get enough of the little guy!

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! :D

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