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Written and Directed by: Luciano Imperoli

Produced by: Ningun Films

Soundtrack by: Fabio Frizzi (best known for Fulci's ZOMBIE, The Beyond and City of the Dead)

Starring: Karen Lynn Widdoss and John Kensil

Filmmiracle Productions brings forth a new, dramatic short called 'The Cold Eyes of Death'. The video and audio quality were outstanding. During the the film there were a lot of fantastic zoom shots giving it a very dramatic, artsy feel, which I happen to really enjoy.

Combining a soundtrack from a great like Fabio Frizzi with brilliant camera and editing work really set the tone for an amazing short film. 'The Cold Eyes of Death' may only be 9 minutes long, but to me, packed just as much thought provoking genius as a feature length film.

While I like gore, it is nice to see a film that makes you think and brings more attention to the psychological side of horror. 'The Cold Eyes of Death' did just that. There was not much dialogue in the film, I counted one spoken line in the 9 minute duration of the film, but the concept was still easy to grasp. The lack of dialogue, I feel, added to the drama and suspense of the film.

What really gave this short its "creep" factor was the zoom shots on Karen Lynn Widdoss' eyes. She did more acting with her eyes than most Hollywood actresses can do with an hour and a half of dialogue. That is something that I really respect.

I really enjoyed 'The Cold Eyes of Death'. For me, it was like watching a living painting come to life. I highly recommend it to anyone with a love of original Indie films.

To watch 'The Cold Eyes of Death', CLICK HERE.

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