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Graham Millar

For those of you confused by my title, I'll explain it after the intro.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 has been building up lots of hype recently because of its double trailer release. I too have been thinking about Spiderman recently and considering all the losses he's faced, its a wonder he isn't a super villain. He lost both his parents and his uncle who was like a father figure to him. Now his heroic actions here are fairly justified as several heroes over the decades have taken up a super-persona after their parent(s) died. (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern). Although for Magneto this is what started his spiral towards darkness. Peter Parker has faced incredible loss and still seems to be one of the brightest heroes today. Spiderman’s emotional and mental stability is really quite astonishing considering he accidentally killed his girlfriend. She was thrown off a bridge and in an attempt to save her, Peter accidentally broke her neck. After this incident, I really begin to question how Peter maintained sanity. Not only did he lose his girlfriend but his best friend Harry Osborn became his for a period of time. During the Marvel Civil War, Spiderman was forced to reveal his secret identity for Tony Stark's grand scheme. After this Aunt May was nearly killed by Kingpin's assassins. To save her Peter had to make a deal with the devil and give up his marriage so that his aunt would be restored to health. J. Jonah Jameson nearly fired Peter from his job because of his vast stored up hatred for the web-slinger. Only once has this man turned down the path of darkness and that was when he was being controlled by a vicious alien life form. You have to ask your self as the audience, “How does this man maintain control over his actions?” Honestly he’s faced more loss than most heroes and even villains. Mr. Freeze is evil because he couldn’t save his wife. Peter lost his marriage and failed to save his girlfriend. There’s one point that could turn him villainous combined with the others he should be New York’s biggest fear and greatest terrorist. Out of all the villains who were birthed from pain Spiderman’s loss outweighs them the most.


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