ByDan Renner, writer at
Dan Renner

With recent news I’ve discovered a lot of talk with Rogue and how she was written. So with all that was said I would like to make my own opinion on this! I think it would be interesting to tie the plot together and make it so the cure suppressed their abilities but then enhanced them like it did to Beast that way Rogue could gain a flying ability along with super strength but not cross over into the other Avengers franchise. I also don't think Rogue was a weak character, she ultimately decided she wanted the cure for herself not for Bobby. She could feel Logan's skin or hug Storm without worry this way, not just so she could kiss Iceman. Real writers write women who cry, feel anger, have power, can be inhuman, be stoic, be black, be tall, or be young. Rogue was a teenager when she joined the X-Men in the movie and do not tell me she never cries in the comics because I have read them, and she does! It’s silly to me to think that just because Rogue is a mutant means she can’t cry or feel insecure about herself. The movies introduced her in a new way which is fine. Do you guys think Rogue should deserve a spot in the new movie?


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