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Seeing as how it is the end of the year I decided to list my top and bottom five articles since I started writing for Moviepilot back in August. I am going to put the title of the article, it's reader count to date, and a description of it's contents along with observations on some of the articles. That being said, Here are my top five articles for 2013:

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is finalizing talks for sandman (115,865) - My most read article by over 100,000 views. The article is about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being confirmed as Co-Producer of the adoptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman (not to be confused with Spiderman's villain of the same name) into a motion picture. The article also tells about the history & supporting cast of that world.

2. Top 10 actresses to play Wonder Woman (15,480) - This article lists my top 10 choices for Wonder Woman. I listed each actresses previous roles as well as their measurements (to show how they compared to Lynda Carter). For some reason, that got a lot of people upset.

3. Top 10 Marvel/DC story arcs I'd like to see made into movies (8,794) - This article listed my top five story arcs from both Marvel and DC that I think will make good movie plots, along with my reasoning behind each choice.

4. Top 5 Wonder Woman Villains (7,768) - This article lists my choices of which five Wonder Woman villains should or could be featured in a possible Wonder Woman Movie and why I think they would be good choices.

5. How Captain America: Winter Soldier can pave the way for many movies to come (5,776) - To finish my top five I wrote about how Captain America: Winter Soldier can open the way for at least six other movies if done right.

That concludes my top five. now on to my bottom five articles of 2013:

5. How a JLA vs X-MEN movie is possible (603) - This article is about how any two studios can make a cross-over whenever they want to simply by using a character created and owned by BOTH Marvel and DC named Access and a possible plot for a JLA vs X-Men movie.

4. Why people identify with and love the phoenix (551) - This article is about how I believe that anyone can relate to the Phoenix (both the bird & x-man) on some level. I am surprised that it didn't have more readers since every comment on it was positive.

3. Fantasy cast and possible plot for Now you see me 2 (414) - This is another article that I was surprised didn't have more readers. It is about a well-received movie's possible sequel, the original co-starred Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman & Mark Ruffalo (Pre-Avengers), it had a possible plot for said sequel, and had all positive comments. However, it only managed to have just over 400 readers? I have yet to figure this one out.

2. Top 10 Christmas movies with quotes (129) - My next to least read article lists my favorite Christmas movies, the main stars of each, year it came out, and my favorite quote from each movie.

1. 10 contemporary Christmas movies that may make you cry (Less than 100) - This movie has so few readers that they don't even register. As far as I can tell the lowest number that does show up is 100, therefore, I have no idea exactly how many readers it has had. What makes this so strange to me is that this article and the one in the number 2 spot for least amount of readers are both about Christmas and were written between Thanksgiving and Christmas! This article itself is about Christmas shows on Netflix (free movies) with a brief description of each one's plot. So ends my bottom five articles.

There you have them, folks. My five best and worst articles for 2013. You can type james d into the search bar and read these or any of my other 30 articles that you wish whenever you like. Comment below and as always keep it clean & follow me on [email protected] if you wish. HAPPY NEW YEAR & SEE YOU IN 2014.


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