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DC has been saying, long before they cast Ben Afleck, that the new Batman movie will not be another origin story. So, with over 70 years of comics, what stories can they use to make a good Batman movie? As a comic book fan, I have a few ideas. This will not be including Batman's origin story, due to the fact that it has already been done by the Nolan trilogy.


This is not a named storyline but, I believe, it would be interesting to start off from the point where Jason Todd enters the picture as the newest Robin. This would open the doors to seeing an appearance of Nightwing to set up his solo film or even the Teen Titans film. It's a long shot though, considering that Jason Todd is soon killed by the Joker in a scene that may be too intense for a big time superhero movie but, after the Dark Knight series took a dark turn, we'll see.

2. Batman: Hush

Hush has a much more ensemble feel to it than other popular Batman stories. The main villain is Hush, a mysterious man focused not on killing Batman but on sabotaging his every move. To do this, he enlists the help of many of Batman's foes including...

  • Riddler
  • Clayface
  • Ra'z Al Ghul
  • Poison Ivy
  • Killer Croc

Jason Todd is not yet resurrected in this storyline but his death comes into play so that could be easily explained through flash backs. Ben Afleck can show off his acting in the scenes between him and Catwoman, focusing on their romance.

3. Batman: Year 3

This is a much more obvious one. It is the story of Dick Grayson becoming Robin. Batman attends the theater and witnesses Dick's parents die in an acrobatic move gone horribly wrong. He believes that what the police ruled out as an accident is murder. This story was written in the 80s as a darker retelling of the story originally from the 40s but this story has a twist. We then see Grayson as Nightwing as he returns to Gotham to see his parents murderer, Tony Zucco, after he is paroled.

4. Death In the Family

This is a risky one. It would have to be a long movie for this to work. So, a quick synopsis. Jason Todd finds out his mother is still alive. He is currently Robin. He goes to find her, eventually with the help of Batman. Jason Todd is killed by the Joker and Batman goes out after the Joker. This is not a happy story and some audiences may find it empty if there is no intro to the characters but, if done right, this could be really good. This is the dark story line that I was talking about in #1 so this is not a kid friendly story. But neither was Dark Knight.

5. Return of the Joker

Originally this is tied in with Death in the Family but that can be easily fixed. In this story, Joker is presumed dead but comes back. Only, this Joker is an imposter. Eventually the real Joker comes back and goes after the imposter. This story is interesting because we see where the Joker spends his time when he goes missing. I really think that audiences would love this.

So that's my list. I hope you guys enjoyed it and please comment if you have any other suggestions.


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