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Earl Roberts

I would love to see Bryan Cranston take on Lex. It would be perfect, as I stated to a few already, Lex ages. Superman doesn't, if they are wanting to make the universe appeal to the masses, they are going to have utilize an older actor. That's all there is too it. I love how this cover is done. After seeing some of his amazing work in Breaking Bad, it wouldn't take much to imagine that there is something always diabolical going on behind that smirk. It's not really a smile, and far from a straight face. With all due respect given to Gene Hackman, and Kevin Spacey, I think that Brian would be the perfect mix of Smart/Psychotic, and Genuine/Human. By the latter I mean he has the ability to explore the whole range of human emotion other than the crazy take over and rule the world grandiose idealism. Also if they want to give the audience something that they have never seen before, why don't they use the right person for the job, other than going for a safe alternative that couldn't hold his own. The way I see it is this: If his acting was good enough to move Sir Anthony Hopkins, to take to word and write him about himself and the show, then why not try to get him in on this? Is anyone with me?


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