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Earl Roberts

Given the fact that he was a soldier in The Losers, a guardian in Thor, and a peaceful man with a warrior's heart in the new Mandela movie. I say that Idris has what it takes to be John Stewart!!! I haven't seen Pacific Rim, and will have to wait until I can get it on disc. Also while we're on the GL subject I say that the DCU needs to be big enough for all the Green Lantern Corps. Even if it's just the GL's of earth. This would include: David Boreanaz as Guy Gardner, Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, and Milo Ventimiglia as Kyle Rayner. Why not, I say?! I mean if they want to build up the Justice League, with who they have as the big three, and a few other really good actors, and who I have mentioned here the Justice League could potentially crush The Avengers. I know that there's a scuttlebutt about actors in DC or Marvel movies, I say who cares, as long as the actors are doing justice to each individual role why should it matter if Heimdall becomes Green Lantern, or they should decide later on that Lady Sif should be Wonder Woman?


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