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Movies, like books tend to resonate in our lives. I doubt many of us bother to dwell on just how a movie might become glued to the walls of our brains and form links when small seemingly innocuous occurrences develop. I for one do make a point to give these references some thought. For instance lets look at The Cell.

Certainly, I could wax poetic about J-Lo (LOPEZ) who I do not necessarily follow as an actress but I did recently watch her recent performance in the movie Parker along side Jason Statham. My reason for wanting to see Parker was a coincidence not given to the linkage I attribute to The Cell. No, Parker the movie and the character has more to do with Mel Gibson's portrayal of a Mr. Porter in the revenge movie, Payback. As soon as my conscious is able to break the genetic/film code of that linkage, I hope to return to dissecting it later. Still, while watching Jennifer Lopez performance in Parker I waited for a scene where her lovely derriere might be shown. One does tend to marvel at her figure. Nonetheless, Jennifer Lopez's figure does come into play even if I do not follow her per-se. I would add that her figure as a whole does matter as to my fascination with The Cell but therein it has to more do with fashion as a whole than her buttock in part. Fashion of the highest order, I might add. I suspect costuming in The Cell was an award winner.

Did you know that Eiko Isioka the legendary Japanese designer designed those costumes featured in The Cell? Indeed that is the link for me. You see I am a fan of the 1991 version of Bram Stocker's Dracula wherein Eiko Isioka also designed the costumes. Being a sometimes fashion photographer, I marvel at clothes and costumes. While I do not go into movies waiting to critique the costumes, my subconscious mind does pick up on them.

In conclusion therein is one solved piece of the puzzle/link for me. I love fashion and in particular elaborate costumes made for movies. Indeed another link for me steps from the world of film and directly into my experiences in photography where Yaya Han (see and Brian Boling her partner made a collar based on that one worn by J-lo in The Cell. Yaya is the Queen of Cos-Play had the pleasure of taking some photos of many of her costumes. On one occasions wearing a replica of the collar.

Thus, that completes my links moving backwards....

Looking forward I re-watched The Cell as part of my preparation for Johnny Depp's performance in Transcendence.



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