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There was such great casting news for superhero movies in 2013, from both DC and Marvel. Like Ben Affleck as Batman, James Spader as the voice of Ultron, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, etc. Not to mention casting rumors (mostly for "Batman vs. Superman") like Bryan Cranston for Lex Luthor, Denzel Washingston as John Stewart, and even Adam Driver as Nightwing. Now, I doubt the studio executives over at Warner Bros. will even listen to a fan's casting choice, but this is a casting decision that should really, really, REALLY happen. It's none other than Logan Lerman as Tim Drake, AKA the third Robin. Yes, I know, I talk about this a lot, but I'm just a big fan of Tim Drake, and if anyone is going to portray him on the silver screen, its Logan Lerman. SO as my first article of 2014 (and for quite some time by now), I will be giving you my reasons why this MUST happen immediately.

1. Acting Chops

The 21 year-old actor has proven time and time again that he can act. His best works include "3:10 to Yuma", the "Percy Jackson" franchise, and "The Perks of Being A Wallflower". Besides, he's a nice young age for the character, which is good, considering that Robin is the "Boy Wonder". I seriously hope he wins an Oscar soon.

2. Fan-Approved

Fans seem to really dig him as the character. Seriously, everytime I look at a Batman reboot fancast on this site, they almost always cast Logan Lerman for Tim Drake. Casting him will surely leave the fans very satisfied. So really he's not just my choice for the role, he's basically everybody's choice

3. Defining the Character

If you think about it, Logan Lerman will be the first actor to portray this character. All the Robins have very different personalities. The only Robin (and I won't be counting John Blake for this) we've seen on the big screen is Dick Grayson. I mean we've had so many comic book movies at this point, so its not like its a different interpretation of the character. So Logan Lerman will be able to define Tim Drake for comic book readers, and non-comic book readers alike.

4. He Already Looks The Part

Am I the only one seeing this right now? The guy looks so much like Tim Drake in the comics! The resemblance is so remarkable. Its almost like he just leaped off the pages of a comic book.

5. Box-Office Benefits

As good as his films are, they don't really make a lot of money at the box-office. But that's okay, plenty of acting careers have been saved thanks to superhero movies. Case in point, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. After that movie, RDJ was unstoppable at the box-office. If people can look at a trailer of "Sherlock Holmes" and say, "Hey it's the guy that played Iron Man", then maybe people will look at a trailer that Logan Lerman is in and say,"Hey look its the guy that played Robin!" So having him in the role, can really help him make a huge impact in Hollywood, and at the box-office.

6. Superhero Potential

When you're making a superhero movie, its always good to bring new people in it. By that I mean, people who have never been in the genre before. If anyone should be introduced to the genre, its this guy. I think he can make a very convincing superhero, or action star for that matter.

7. Possible Robin Movie

Logan has done a great job of being the lead actor in a movie. Which is great, because we might have the chance to get an awesome Robin movie. And since Tim Drake had his own on-going title series, from 1993-2011, this actually works. There, now we just killed two birds (that are not robins) with one stone.

8. Costume Design

We also have the opprotunity to give Robin the costume he truly deserves. So no fish scale underwear, no pixie boots, and especially no rubber nipples. We really need something like "Arkham City", I would also like to add that Tim Drake was Robin in that game.

This is proof that Robin can exist in a dark universe, and be cool at the same time.
This is proof that Robin can exist in a dark universe, and be cool at the same time.

9. Batman Reboot

Having a possible Batman reboot with Ben Affleck in the lead is great. Mainly because we have a chance to introduce characters that they didn't use in the Nolan trilogy. Characters that don't necessarily fit in a much more reality-grounded universe. If Batman is getting rebooted, why not reboot Robin?

10. Robin's Reputation

Robin is one of those chracters that really doesn't get enough appreciation, especially on the big screen. Technically the last live-action Robin portrayal was Chris O' Donnell in "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin", and I have a sense that those films didn't help Robin at all. The main purpose of why they introduced Robin in those movies was to attract younger audiences, and to sell toys of course. But it didn't really work out too well. We now have a chance to get Robin right, and Logan Lerman can certainly do that. If this goes well, Robin might be taken more seriously for once.

Well there's my first article of 2014. If you agree with me on Logan Lerman portraying Robin let me know. Follow me on Twitter, and let me know your thoughts and use this hashtag: . Or if you don't have a Twitter, just let me know in the comments down below, PLEASE nothing negative, and don't forget to follow me on here as well. Also if you want to help me get other people's attention, share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc, etc. Hopefully 2014 will be better than last year. With that being said, I hope it all goes well for you guys as well. I'll see you guys later!


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