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Blaine Sullivan

Hey Moviepiloters! There has been all this news about how DC is scrambling to create their own cinematic universe. Personally, I think it is a shabby and hasty mistake. I believe it will flop over and fail faster than you can say Krypton. Here are my reasons why:.

1. Man of Steel was absolutely phenomenal

I personally had no problem with it. Henry Cavill was brilliant, and the story was fantastic. People had a problem with the unorthodox way of a backwards Clark Kent origin. I thought this was weird, but not horrible. Also, I thought the killing of Zod was "executed" (excuse the pun) perfectly. The problem was that there was absolutely no after-credit scene or anything to foreshadow. I'll admit that there was a couple Easter eggs for other characters, but nothing too significant. Where to go?

2. I personally see Arrow as a problem for DC

Before you rage on me, here me out. It is a awesome TV show with a huge fan base. I personally enjoy watching it. But what happens when viewers expect to see Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen in a future cinematic universe. What about Grant Gustin's Barry Allen? Will this show be connected to this future universe? These are problems or decisions that DC will have to face eventually.

3. The biggest problem with the future DC universe is that they are going WAY to fast

The reason that the MCU is so successful is because they took it slow. They introduced all their characters, and then they wrapped it up with the revolutionizing crossover known as "Marvel's The Avengers". This first phase took five years to successfully build. Now with that said, Man of Steel came out last year. DC is already making a "Batman Vs. Superman" spinoff, and they've cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. They are also talking about a possible Lex Luthor in "BvS", which I think will have way too many character dynamics when you have to introduce Batman. I mean they haven't even decided who they want as Green Lantern (Hal Jordan or John Stewart). They have a lot of work to do before they can even begin to think about a crossover. If I were them, I would use Marvel's master MCU plan for a blueprint, if you will.

In conclusion, DC will have some major things that they need to sort out/establish before they can start at a successful movie universe. I can guarantee that ignoring these things so they can jump quickly on to the Superhero Movie Money Bandwagon will cause them to flop faster then Superman around Kryptonite.


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