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I had just finished reading an article by Solon Papageorgiou on the Shazam movie being postponed due to the success of "Man of Steel". In the article Solon shares exerts of an interview that Director Peter Segal (Whom he incorrectly called Steven Sagal) did with on December 23, 2013. In the interview, Mr. Segal talks about Captain Marvel's history of living in Superman's shadow and how after "Superman Returns" was made that he started working on the Shazam movie with Geoff Johns. At that point, Mr. Segal was fairly confidant that they would get to make Shazam, but with the resurgence of Superman in "Man of Steel", he doesn't think that a Shazam/Captain Marvel movie will ever be made. If he truly believes that then he isn't the Director to make this movie in my opinion, because if he would just talk to Mr. Johns, I am confidant that he will be pointed toward the above pictured story arc.

This is not only the perfect time to make this Story arc into a movie as far as the content of the story goes, but also because of the time in Cinematic History that we are in right now. Let me explain:

In the story "Superman/Shazam: First Thunder", you start out with a Narrative told by the Wizard Shazam explaining that this is the beginning of the second age of Heroes. He goes on to explain that Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern are just becoming known, with Batman and Superman being the most well known heroes at this point in time (Sound Familiar?). Then as the screen starts to fade out/in to Captain Marvel, Shazam explains how Captain Marvel's powers come from the Gods: The Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, Power of Zeus, Courage of Achilles, and Speed of Mercury. As the wizard finishes explaining this to the Audience, The movie has fully changed to the scene where Captain Marvel saves a Pilot & several bystanders from being harmed due to a malfunction in the pilot's plane. From this point on, the story goes back and forth between Captain Marvel and Superman's adventures. The Main Locales of the Story are Metropolis and Faucett City (Where Captain Marvel lives), with one other Locale that is very important to the story: Mount Everest, which is shown in two key scenes. The Secret Villains of the story are Lex Luther and Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Founder and CEO of Sivana Industries.), a man who makes Lex look like a boyscout. The two Main on-screen villains are Eclipso and Sabbac (A being having the powers of several Demons and one of Captain Marvel's main foes). The main points of the story are these- Lex Luthor helps Dr. Silvana discover Captain Marvel's secret identity in exchange for the return of 80,000 shares of LexCorp stock. This results in the Murder of Captain Marvel's best friend in an ambush. Captain Marvel then almost kills Dr. Silvana in retaliation, but stops himself. He then flies off and is found by Superman, whom is then shown Captain Marvel's alter ego. The two of them then go and defeat Eclipso and Sabbac as Lex and Silvana retreat so they can fight another day. The epilog has Superman scolding the Wizard Shazam for putting so much responsibility on a young boy with nobody to guide him. Shazam agrees that Captain Marvel does indeed need Guidance in order to become a true hero. After that, Superman flies back to Faucett City and changes into his secret Identity of Clark Kent before going to see Billy Batson (Captain Marvel's secret Identity) revealing his Secret ID as the story ends.

With this Story, You can introduce Captain Marvel, Eclipso, Sabbac, Dr. Silvana, Re-introduce Lex Luthor, and best of all Introduce MAGIC (as well as Superman's weakness to it) into the Movie Universe. That paves the way for Dr. Strange, Raven, Dr. Fate, and a whole slew of Magic characters to make their way unto the big screen. What do you think? would this work as a Captain Marvel movie or possibly a third Superman Movie? Let me know in the comments below and as always follow me on [email protected] if you like.


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