ByChris Fields, writer at
Chris Fields

After much anticipation it has come out through toy line leaks and such that we are indeed getting the Dinobots in TF4; that's not news. But what I have found that is, is the fact that Optimus Prime is going to be charging into battle on the back of the Dino leader Grimlock! In a bit of a blurry photo from we get a glimpse of the concept art depicting this scene.

But one thing that I find most people overlooking is the fact that at one point the Dinobots were portrayed as a combiner too, and together they formed....wait for it.....Extinction!

That's right the title of this movie could hint at more than just an appearance of the loved characters but that we could see them come together to fight an even bigger threat, possibly Unicron? And just to give you a sense of scale, below is a comparison of Extinction next to the massive Devastator, who is dwarfed by this Dino-combiner.

So what do you think about Optimus riding Grimlock into battle, and do you think we will actually see the Dinobots come together to form Extinction?


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