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Peace Revo Lution

An exciting, unpredictable and emotionally dramatic Horror/Sci-Fi Thriller starring Trista Robinson, Paul-McCarthy Boyington and Eddie McGee.

THE HUMAN RACE is a feature-length science fiction action horror film starring Trista Robinson, Paul-McCarthy Boyington and Eddie McGee. It is directed by Paul Hough.

"The Human Race is a film that surprised even us. It's an absolute triumph of ingenuity in low-budget filmmaking, a smartly-scripted powerhouse that consistently plays against expectations to deliver an endearingly individualistic take on the genre. It takes a number of astonishing risks and it constantly introduces elements that would be used as manipulative devices in weaker films and then obliterates them without mercy."

- Mitch Davis, FANTASIA Film Festival Co-Director

It has unique and groundbreaking characters which you just don't see in any type of movie. One of the leads (played by Eddie McGee) stands out because he has one leg. Two other leading characters are deaf and speak with sign language. The film could be described as an R-Rated thriller in the vein of The Hunger Games, Run Lola Run & Battle Royale. It is about a seemingly random chosen group of people who must take part in a surreal and terrifying race for survival.

THE HUMAN RACE is about 80 people who find themselves in a foot race. They are given rules -

If you are lapped twice, you will die.

Do not step on the grass, or you will die.

Race Or Die.

First and foremost, people will enjoy this movie!

The Human Race is extremely violent, edgy and unpredictable - a thrill ride you'll watch with a smile on your face!

THE HUMAN RACE is much more than your average film. It is exciting, emotional and above all, unpredictable.

90 minutes of a complete, refreshing, and unique horror movie experience well on it's way to becoming a cult classic with definite mainstream appeal.


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