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1. Baggage - Written by Rob Dimension & Directed by Jeremiah Kipp (Pennsylvania)

Put out by You’ve Been Robbed Films near the Philadelphia area. The actor, writer and director of his debut short film project “No Clowning Around”, Dimension returns in 2013 with a powerful tale of madness with Benjamin, a man holding a case and a story to go with it. Directed by the talented Jeremiah Kipp (“I Sell the Dead” and “In Fear of” … Web series), Kipp and Dimension bring to light a tale that the viewer will discuss, interrupt, be captivated by and sympathize with. Very powerful in its storytelling, dazzling in the black and white canvas created and haunting in its message of never really knowing your neighbor is… “Baggage” is one of the best short films in the last decade and entrance like the 2010 Bill Connington lead “Zombie”. Look for Dimension’s next short film “Rabbit Hole” with the demented and talented Mike O’Mahony (“Sloppy the Psychotic”, “I.B.S.” and “A Dark Place Inside”) in 2014. You can pick up a copy here and here.

2. Ave Maria - Written and Directed by Skip Shea (Massachusetts)

When film projects revolve around abuse, the church and gender, it makes for powerful and controversial film making of any kind. Written, directed and produced by Massachusetts native Skip Shea. “Ave Maria” takes revenge by the balls with storytelling that is both unsettling and truly beautiful. Produced and starring members of the Wicked Bird Media collective, this short film is based on the retribution by a group of women towards a priest for sins of the past. Filming to the timeless composition with paced storytelling that captivates with each movement taken during this brutal act of revenge, talented director Shea makes “Ave Maria” an everlasting nightmare.

3. Day 9 - Written and Directed by Thomas Ryan (New Jersey)

This award winning freshmen effort by the Vlad the Inhaler front man is not beautiful, filled with effects or particularly disturbing. What makes “Day 9” a fan favorite as well as one of the best short films of 2013 is the emotion and simplicity that writer, actor, director and producer Thomas Ryan puts into story of a man who finds his demons, pain and decisions more horrifying then the apocalypse at his front door. Methodical in storytelling, bare bones horror film making at its finest and a connection that any viewer can feel and make embodies the zombie tale of “Day 9”. And Watch right now at

4. Zombie Casserole - Written and Directed by John Iwasz & Sanjeev Surati

In a world of inequality whether race, creed, color, gender or in this case being a zombie? From writers, directors and producers John Iwasz and Sanj Surati comes the best horror comedy short of 2013. Addressing issues with believable tension, zombies and memorable comedy, Iwasz and Surati craft an overall project that has made audiences laugh, squirm and sympathize with the films cast of realistic characters. Definitely the lightest short on this list, it does not take away from the message and talent shown by this film making duo in a marvelous commentary on society with a dead twist. and the trailer at

5. Ceramic Tango – Written by Charles Hall and Directed by Patricia Chica

Powerful, dark and tormenting, the Canadian team of Patricia Chica and Charles Hall bring a tale that rips at your heart and soul while it feeds your nightmares with disturbing use of sound, performance by actor Holy Scar and emotional agony pulsing from the memories. Taking place in a man’s bathroom as he must deal with the realism of the decisions that he has made and the demon created by him hitting rock bottom. Intense throughout to the heart wrenching conclusion, Chica and Hall craft a short film journey into purgatory that is not only award winning but serves a purpose to the viewer. “Ceramic Tango” is a film and an experience that will leave most unsettled and an emotion scar on their soul. Watch right now here.


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