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Earl Roberts

I'm going to throw this out there and see what comes back. I would like to see Jason Momoa take on the role of Lobo. Conan wasn't his fault, he gave them everything that could be done to make it different, but still pay homage to the original. Since it was supposed to be an origin story if you will (because we see Conan growing up) before becoming the warrior, and eventually king. I never got passed the way his Conan looked. I mean sure Arnold was the original in the movies, but people need to really look at the original artwork, the way Conan was described in the books, then look at the way he looked in the older comics. He wasn't overly developed, and didn't look like he'd spent hours in the gym. Jason had more of the look than anyone else I have seen take the role on. Plus not too mention, he's got the height I know Lobo is supposed to be short and big. But not as short as Logan is. But if people are really looking for actors that are the closest to the characters then we need to be real about it. I mean Hugh is like 6'3" or 4, and he has done justice to the facial looks, and has tried to muscle up for as much as a taller guy could to pull it off. Just a thought people, look back at the Game of Thrones pictures, and the way Jason's hair looks when it's dredded up.


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