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Jared Ficiur

Unfortunately Marvel's characters rights are spread out over several different companies...blah blah blah...we all know this. It's extremely unfortunate. This means we can't see Spider-man team up with the Avengers, Wolverine share historical anecdotes with Captain America. Our lives will never be complete.

Here are some crossover fights that we, as determined and die hard fans, DESERVE to see on the big screen!

Wolverine vs. Hulk

This fight would make this nerd's dreams come true. Wolverine made his debut appearance in the Incredible Hulk comic back in 1974. His history with the Hulk has always been a violent one. They've never seen eye to eye, have had dozens of terrible, violent, wonderful fights in several different versions of continuity. In the Ultimate universe Hulk even tears Wolverine in half, leaving only a few threads of skin and tissue connecting the halves to regrow and heal.

Thor vs. Iron Man

We got a little bit of a tease of this fight in the Avengers movie, it was one of the top moments of the entire movie. The few moments of this that we did get was epic! In this case this battle we could actually see on screen! Both of these characters are owned by Marvel Studios so we could see them fight, however I doubt that we'll get lucky enough to see an entire film's story with these two disagreeing over something to the point where they're on opposite sides.
Maybe we could though, maybe they could be fighting over part of the infinity gauntlet, both with separate ideas on how to best deal with the problems it brings.

Iceman vs. Human Torch

This one could also happen I suppose, both the X-Men characters and the Fantastic Four film characters are in Fox's hands.
The thing that appeals to me about this ever since I was a kid I wondered who would win: Ice or Fire? Which is stronger? It's something that the seven year old in me wants settled once and for all.

Spider-man vs. Hulk

Would this not be an amusing movie? Spider-man's quick puns and jokes as Hulk just smashes around, not fast enough to actually hit him?
Maybe not an entire movie around a single fight, but I know their fight would be amazing!

And finally...the fight we, as fans, deserve most but probably will never see...


Marvel Character vs. Marvel Character

This is one Marvel's best stories in their history. The story is based around a common theme in dozens of superhero stories (Watchmen, the Incredibles just to name a few).

As we build the Marvel Cinematic Universe I feel we are leading towards a Registration Act storyline. With the events in Avengers in New York, with Nick Fury's council ordering him to nuke New York City, and the hints of SHIELD watching people with powers in Agents of SHIELD, and the trailers of Captain America 2 hinting at it too!

Unfortunately there are way too many characters that Marvel Studios doesn't have the rights to who have integral parts in the Civil War storyline. Spider-man especially is key to the story. In fact I would say that he, Captain America, and Iron Man are the three characters you couldn't do the story without.

It's really too bad that these studios can't work together so we can enjoy the wonderful possibilities! Maybe sometime in the future, until then we can dream right!?


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