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Alamin Saleh

Yes Godzilla is coming out. So is Robocop. And Transformers is trying to make a new name for itself. But without a doubt the movie I cannot wait for this year is the Veronica Mars movie.

Well for those who have not seen the show (DROP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND GO RIGHT NOW, well after you are finished reading this) all you gotta know is Veronica Mars is the shit. No really she is though. The sarcasm, the wittiness and the balls on this girl are what make her great.

No, but seriously this movie is gonna be great. The characters are funny in an incredibly grounded way. Relationships between these characters are rich and complicated. There's always a mystery for her to solve and Veronica always has people doubting her skills.

Now for fans of the show let's just give ourselves a round of applause (and a shout-out to Kickstarter). The show that was taken from fans way too soon. Veronica Mars was better than most of the shows currently out and considering how much incredible material there is now, that is saying something. The show was funny, but grounded in these dynamic characters and intricate relationships. It never took itself too seriously, but it was a show that dealt with such difficult material and topics. As a fan of sarcasm and witty humor, this was the perfect show for me.

From the trailer (below) you can see some familiar faces. Most of the cast members from the show are making their way back for the movie. Back at Neptune for their high school reunion, Logan needs Veronica's help.

This show was really the show that got me interested in television. I remember hearing the show was canceled and I did not understand why. My need to understand all of this has led me to really get to know the television industry. So to me Veronica Mars means a lot and now I hope everyone goes to see this one to rediscover or see for the first the greatness that is Veronica Mars.


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