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So this is my first post as a contributor and I am in heaven. What I have here is my idea of a Fantastic Four movie done right...enjoy! (BTW, this is all hypothetical because FF is owned by FOX and all)

Kree ship arrives on Uranus. Kree are at the beginning of their centuries long war with the Skrull race. A group of scouts are sent to earth to scan terrain of enemy combatants and to obtain resources, but instead receive orders to bring back a handful (hundreds) of specimen to experiment on to form a super soldier serum to help win the war. Scene cut out when Kree officers look and camera shot of prehistoric earth.

Let’s cut in to a far wide shot of a ship crashing down to earth while starting credits/title sequence. Johnny or Ben would narrate because they are so beloved. “This is a story about us…destiny…a testament to a changing world type of deal.” This story is from their stand point.

We now see a two month old fantastic four team that is working on a dimensional transporter for S.H.I.E.L.D so the agency can keep tabs on future visits from another alien race (granted this is months after The Avengers and the team has collaborated with Nick Fury in the past, even before the accident that granted the family their powers). Reed Richards, a renowned scientist, and Susan Richards, his wife and former scientist, are happily married in the Baxter Building with her unemployed hotheaded 19-year-old brother, Johnny Storm, living with them. Ben Grimm, a family friend and fellow scientist, is also staying with the couple due to his inability to reside elsewhere based on his new physical appearance, and so is Franklin Storm, who has been taken out of prison under the pretence that he helps S.H.I.E.L.D in search of an extra-terrestrial he encountered behind bars. The movie would play heavily off the comedic aspect of how their lives are everything but normal, with Ben breaking things, Johnny going out partying, and Sue and Franklin arguing and bitter with each other over the fact that Franklin, her father, has been in jail for a large portion of Sue and Johnny’s life. Reed is really just a humble scientist who wants to work in piece.

Now the first half of the movie, granted the whole film would be about two and a half hours to be a good one, would be focused on S.H.I.E.L.D again, on the backs of the lesser in order to get done their own hidden agenda and in the doing, an attempt at the Skrull to enter into earth with a stolen piece of Kree technology (which contrary to the comics Sentry 459 humanoid would ironically be nothing more than a box) via the portal that Reed has at this point finished. The team foils the attack, but in the process of closing the portal, Franklin dies. The team is so distraught over it, that they give the machine, as well as the remaining elements of the Sentry, over to the traskillion, where it will be held for eight more months. However, an important remaining piece to the Sentry, which was destroyed in the Skrull attack, was left unattended to in the closed off room in which the fight occurred, which held to many bad memories like the death of Franklin Storm. We get into the gooshy stuff…the death of Franklin’s wife at his hands, his alcoholism which led to the crime which kept him in prison most of his life, causing Sue to be the main caretaker of her baby brother Johnny with their parents gone, Reed being a God-send to Sue at her time of need.

At this point, the plot really picks up when Ronan the Accuser comes through the portal next to obtain the stolen Sentry 459 (funny, all this trouble over a stupid piece of equipment), which leads him to finding the Baxter Building, and the dysfunctional Richards family. The four are abducted, as well as another individual who was with them during the cosmic explosion thing, Victor Von Doom, and led to the occupied city of Attilan, where Ronan resides now since the looming Skrull invasion has brought the Inhuman race to ask for support from the Kree in exchange of the Inhuman king, Black Bolt’s, daughter, Crystal’s, hand in marriage. So Victor is explained through Johnny’s retelling of that all-too-well-known Fantastic Four origin story (and Johnny will be super biased about Victor, who he thinks is a creep to try and step in on the relationship between Sue and Richard and who is all around scum) and we now have a plotline. The Fantastic Four team up with the Inhuman’s to stop the Skrull invasion of Earth and other regions of Kree controlled galaxy.

Of course, a little tension between Ronan, who we now get more insight on after we see him in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Johnny, who also likes Crystal, and we also get a introduction of Doctor Doom, who becomes intrigued and begins his downfall into corruption and power-hunger after seeing the glory of Attilan. We also understand the origin of the Inhumans and their awkward ties to the Kree, their creators (if you don’t know, the Royal Inhuman family are the test subjects the Kree began to experiment on back when, but abandoned because a genetic prophecy by Kree Supreme Intelligence had predicted that the experiments would eventually lead to an overthrow of the Kree, which is probably why the relationship is so shaky). At the end, the Skrull will be stopped, Crystal and Johnny never work out (but that’s okay because that leaves room for a possible Crystal/Quicksilver love-interest thing), Victor will ultimately be separated by the Fantastic Four and will wind up in Latveria (surprise, surprise), and all is well that ends well.

Leave some room for a sequal. $12 and $4 for popcorn was well-spent.

So whoever has anything to contribute on top of that or other ideas or thinks someone should play someone in the scenario that this would work, comment below!


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