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Okay, I know, you've seen millions of these from every corner of the internet, but tough, I'm giving you mine. Feel free to give your two-cents on it.

Superman: Henry Cavill

I know, typical. But unlike some people, I saw the new direction Man of Steel went as taking the 75 year old character we know and love and showing us how he became that character, and i think a lot of people missed that boat. they forgot this is the Batman Begins for Superman and his Dark Knight will come soon. His performance wasn't really Oscar-worthy, but I still saw Superman when he was on screen, and that's good enough for me.

Batman: Ben Affleck

The Batfleck ship has sailed, so I won't be long on him. The guy has as much acting ability as the past iterations, not to mention he's a major bat-geek. All I'm going to say is, if Kevin Smith approves, I approve

Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot

I'm completely okay with Gal Gadot not having a large rack. There, I said it. I've gotten so sick of people nitpicking her physical appearance (which, believe me, will change) and not giving one thought about her acting ability. I admit, I wasn't expecting her, but that's a good thing. Dc has a thing about casting the actor/actress you would least expect to be involved in the role, and the last few years, it's worked out astonishingly (save Green Lantern). I've only ever seen her in the Fast and Furious movies, but she has a way of standing out in that series and if she can bring that same charm to JL, she'll do fine.

Green Lantern: Milo Ventimiglia

I'm going out on a limb and saying I'm the only person on moviepilot who doesn't want John Stewart or Hal Jordan. Sure, Stewart was cool in the cartoon. In fact, he's probably the first lantern a lot of people saw. But in this new direction DC is going with their darker, grittier storyline, Kyle is a better choice. His story is much more unique than his three predecessors. He was raised without a father, something a lot of people can relate to. He has a normal life, has a girlfriend, hes not really spectacular in any way. Ganthet himself gave him the ring when a majority of the Corps was killed by Parallax. At first, he doesn't take it seriously, until one of his rogues kills his girlfriend and stuffs her in a fridge for him to find. after that, he became responsible and more mature. He was chosen not because he was fearless, but because he has the ability to overcome fear, something the movie borrowed to make Hal more interesting. In the comics, Hal was possessed by Parallax, but I'd be fine with a movie leaving that out. Kyle is such a powerful lantern, he became the embodiment of willpower, Ion, TWICE! I think he's worthy to stand beside the rest of the League.

The Flash: Garrett Hedlund

Why has nobody else recommended this guy. I saw him in Tron: Legacy and I just said, "That's the Flash!" the cocky attitude, the demeanor, the look, it all says The Flash to me. I'd still be fine with Grant Gustin, but if DC decides not to integrate the Arrow-verse with the Cinematic Universe, Hedlund is the way to go.

Martian Manhunter: Benedict Cumberbatch

Another how-has-nobody-else-thought-of-this casting. The first time I saw Martian Manhunter, it was in the cartoon. He was emotionally distant, often cold, and very calculating. But when he needed to, he was a fierce fighter. After seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness, I could see Cumberbatch playing such a character. He even looks like an alien, just but some prosthetic makeup on him, give him and updated costume, and it'd be perfect!

tell me this wouldn
tell me this wouldn't work.

Aquaman: Liam McIntyre

I don't care how many people hate Aquaman, he is still awesome, the king of 75% of the globe, and not to mention many context clues point to him being the actual founder of the League. And McIntyre is my choice. You may remember the rumors surrounding him being Batman, and its obvious he lost that battle. This is the next best thing. I'm not so sure about his acting ability, but when I see him, I see a guy who could rule most of the world and no one question him. With some costume changes (take a note from Injustice, perhaps) and a good script, Aquaman could get the big screen justice he deserves.

That's my fan-cast. I hope you enjoyed hearing my opinion on this matter. Feel free to comment!


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