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The 2002 TV series, Birds of Prey, seriously needs a reboot. It's one of my all time favorite shows, but sadly, it didn't get much recognition. They made this series at the wrong time, The world was in chaos after 9/11 and everyone joined the Military. No one had time to watch TV, And the kids/teens of those years didn't have time either. The world wasn't ready for ass kicking girl-power, In which, Birds of Prey suffered. It was brilliantly written, the actors were unbelievably perfect and I think they could branch off Arrow and put the original Black Canary in a reboot (instead of her daughter). The only problem with branching off Arrow, is that Huntress has already been established as a character, and she is not the daughter of Batman and Catwoman...Maybe she's adopted?

The story arc implies that Batman disappeared...What if he went to Metropolis? The puzzle piece fits perfectly with Warner Bros plans for Batman vs Superman. While Batman is gone, there needs to be other hero's in Gotham, right? This is a perfect opportunity to reboot Birds of Prey, now that the world is ready for Wonder Woman, the world is ready for more than just one iconic female hero, which would be Huntress, Black Canary and Oracle. And you can't forget the iconic female villains, such as Harley-Quinn, Lady Shiva, etc.

I think my favorite thing about Birds of Prey is that it is classic comic book. The rushing through the city, Clock towers, jumping on roof tops, etc. The TV series was originally going to run in with Smallville, but it ended too quickly. Personally, I absolutely love Smallville but Birds of Prey really gets me. The show is blunt and to the point, when Smallville was all about teen drama and it kinda dragged on....For 10 seasons...

Tell me what you guys think. Reboot or no reboot?


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