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Since it is now 2014, I have decided to do my top 10 movies that came out in 2013 list along with the names of it's stars, where it ranked on IMDb's list, the number of stars it has, and a brief description of each movie's plot:

1. Man of Steel (Henry Cavill/Amy Adams) - This re-imagining of the Origin of Superman shows his journey from Infant to first adventures as Superman. It is number 1 on IMDb's list as well as mine and has 7.4/10 Stars.

2. Now you see me (Mark Ruffalo/Isla Fisher) - Coming in at number 5 on IMDb's list, this story of a group of Magician's who rob a bank on another Continent and give the money to their audience while never leaving the stage is a very interesting movie that will keep you guessing until the end. It scored 7.3/10 Stars.

3. The Great Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio/Elizabeth Debicki) - This film tells the story of a mid-western Soldier coming home from war and getting in with the well-to-do crowd of the day. It reached number 9 on IMDb's list with another score of 7.3/10 Stars. (See Above).

4. The Wolverine (Hugh Jackman/Rila Fukushima) - I know a lot of people don't like this movie, but I think it is a good take on how helping people can sometimes come back to bite you. It tells the story of Wolverine helping a Japanese Soldier at the end of WW2 and how that Person tries to take Wolverine's healing factor away from him as well as kill him, while Logan falls in love with the man's daughter & her friend falls in love with him. It reached number 12 on IMDb's list with a score of 6.8/10 Stars.

5. Oz the Great and Powerful (James Franco/Mila Kunis) - This Prequel to the Classic Wizard of OZ starring Judy Garland tells the story of how the Wizard came to the land of Oz in the first place and how his saving of Glenda (the good witch) gave her sister (The wicked witch of the east) the ammunition she needed to turn their youngest sister's love for him into hatred thus transforming her into the wicked witch of the west. It is number 19 on IMDb's list with a score of 6.4/10 Stars.

6. Ironman 3 (Robert Downey Jr./Gwyneth Paltrow) - This is another one that most people won't agree with me on, but I just don't believe this movie should be any higher on my list. As most people know, this story tells how Tony Stark calls out a Terrorist after his friend is injured and almost gets himself and his girlfriend killed. It continues on with two of his old acquaintances kidnapping said girlfriend and torturing her while trying to turn her against him, which of course doesn't happen. The worst part of the movie for me is when you discover that the Villain isn't a Villain at all. It reached number 2 on IMDb's list with 7.4/10 Stars.

7. Beautiful Creatures (Alden Enrenreich/Alice Englert) - This movie is ranked number 67 on IMDb's list with 6.1/10 Stars, which is too bad because it is really better than what those numbers show. It is the story of how a guy moves into a new town and starts dating the outcast girl in his class only to find out that their families have a long history that nobody talks about. Sort of Romero and Juliet with witches and such. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

8. The Bling Ring (Isreal Broussard/Katie Chang) - This movie that is based on actual events tells the story of how the school loser starts hanging out with the popular girl, only to end up robbing Celebrities homes while they are away, as well as how they and their friends are eventually caught. It is number 76 on IMDb's list with a score of 5.7/10 Stars).

9. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Jeremy Renner/Gemma Arterton) - This re-telling of the Classic Children's Tale has Hansel & Gretel as grown-ups making a living by going town to town killing any witches, werewolves, etc that they find for a fee. It was an ok movie with a pre-avenger's Renner in the lead, but I still don't see how it beat out Beautiful Creatures and Bling Ring on IMDb's list, coming in at number 28 with the same 6.1/10 Stars that Beautiful Creatures has at number 67. How does that work exactly I wonder?

10. GI Joe: Retaliation (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson/Adrianne Palicki) - This is a good sequel to GI Joe: Rise of Cobra from a few years back. It opens with the President trying to destroy all the Joes, only to find out he is a Cobra operative in disguise acting on orders from Cobra Commander. The movie then proceeds to show that some of the Joes escaped the ambush and they go after Cobra for the rest of the movie. The biggest let-down of this movie to me was the on-screen death of one of it's main stars within the first few minutes of the film. It is ranked number 29 on IMDb's list with a score of 5.8/10 Stars, which again doesn't make sense to me seeing as how Beautiful Creatures has 0.3 more Stars but is 38 spots below it and Bling Ring only has 0.1 less Stars but is 47 spots below it.

There you have them, folks. My top 10 movie list of 2013 films along with the IMDb's rating and stars on each. I know you won't agree with all of them, but hopefully you agree with at least one of my choices. As always comment below, keep it clean, and follow me on [email protected] if you wish.


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