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One of the only things I don't like about Christopher Nolan's Batman, even though they are great by themselves, is how it's so exclusive. It is by all means untouchable to the Justice League, and why shouldn't it? Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne, may it rest in peace, got his ass handed to him by every villain in the series (including Scarecrow, which is kinda pathetic when you think about it), quit being Batman halfway through the series because Rachael dies, and is by all means not the world's greatest detective. Not to say that Bale didn't do a great job with the role, but Nolan really painted the story of an immortal figure really grey...

So what do we even want from a Batman reboot, even though we got the dream trilogy right in the comfort of our living room. Do we secretly despise the simplicity of the Dark Knight trilogy and its lack of the giant Lincoln penny, do we want another to dawn the cape, do we wanna see a not-so-Arnold Mr. Freeze?

I think it would be kinda interesting, even though by no means would it happen with Man of Steel 2 (or rather, Prequel to Justice League) coming out so soon (which I'm psyched for by the way). The movie would act as a Batman Beyond of some sorts. The same man who would help Lex Luthor pay for his clean-up Metropolis agenda would also help build Neo-Gotham (just a little more vegas-like than Nolan's bummed down Gotham City). This, of course, would take years to build, meaning the movie is by all means FUTURISTIC!

Anyways, once Batman (Ben Affleck) is long retired, Dick Grayson would step up to take the role of the Dark Knight. The movie begins with a long monologue by Nightwing, maybe played by Matt Bomer, on the history of Gotham: how the city fell apart, how the people fell apart, how Bruce Wayne is old and can't ride the bat-commuter anymore.

We have many options to how this movie could possibly go, but my top choice is a completely new idea that plays off of the Arkham Asylum addiction that Batman fans have nowadays. Ra's al Ghul rises all of Batman's original adversaries from the dead through the Lazarus pit to destroy and recreate a new Gotham City in his image.

I really just think this would be the movie to prove to the world that Heath Ledger is not the only man who can pull of Joker. CGI works wonders...we can make this guy dark, like Hannibal Lector sick.

Anyways, we don't need this movie to be an introduction to Batman is what I'm saying, but an introduction to Robin, Joker, and the rest of the Bat family for when the time comes for the Justice League to suit up. To do so, you might either wanna do a Wonder Woman cameo or Cyborg cameo, but lets put as many villains in as possible!

Casting (Revised on 1/8/15):

Bat Family (they can be somewhat older than usual because of the setting and time that the movie takes place):

  • Bruce Wayne/ Ben Affleck
  • Alfred/ Jeremy Irons
  • Julia Pennyworth/ Olivia Wilde
  • Selina Kyle (Catwoman)/ Mila Kunis
  • Dick Grayson (Batman)/ Matt Bomer or Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Jason Todd (Red Hood)/ Aaron Paul
  • Tim Drake (Red Robin)/ Hunter Parrish
  • Barbara Gordan (Oracle)/ Jessica Chastain
  • Stephanie Brown (Batgirl)/ Alexandra Daddario

Other villians (granted some although they were dead and older, may look the same as they would at a younger age after being revived from the lazarus pit):

  • Black Mask/Ray Liotta
  • Harley Quinn/ Margot Robbie
  • Riddler/David Tennant
  • Joker/ Jared Leto

Ultimately, with this different mixture of characters and a different kind of Gotham, we can put to rest the nightmare of having another boring Batman while starting to think about how all these characters fit into the DC cinematic universe. Comment below!


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