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Rowan Odom

The upcoming Batman Vs. Superman is already up for a budget of $131 Million dollars because Warner Bros. has decided to invest that much into the Michigan scenes. CBS has reported that Batman Vs. Superman ( I think the title should just be "Man Of Steel 2: Worlds Finest or just leave the two out and have it be Man Of Steel: Worlds Finest) will be filming in Michigan for months. It was reported that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill will be going to Michigan Motion Picture Studios, but no word of Gal Gadot who was announced to play Wonder Woman, so my guess is that it will just be scenes between Batman and Superman being filmed. Zack Snyder has also said that it will not only be filming at the Michigan Motion Picture Studios but will also be filming on-location as well, so fans can have a look at their favorite superheroes.

Also check out the Michigan Films Studio site for a chance to appear in the movie or work behind-the-scenes:

Click here for the website!

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