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You voted for it and you got it!

In my previous article I asked you the fans to vote for a comic book title that you wanted to see made into an motion comic and looking at the final results...yeah!

Marvel: Civil War took the gold medal with ease having reached well over 100 votes!

I can't begin to express my thanks to everyone who participated. We will do our best to create a great motion comic for the fans of Moviepilot! Our goal is to make it as theatrical as possible, giving you that blockbuster experience!

We don't have a certain date when the project will be done because I will be working with MrBettyKrueger along with other voice actors - we're doing our best to respect one another's schedules and provide our fans with an experience that will be more than worth the wait.

Now some of you readers might be upset or feeling not so excited for this storyline but....I have more news! IF this project does well and we get enough positive feedback, we will make another motion comic from the second highest voted title on the list which is -

There you have it folks! That will be our next project after Civil War if things go right!

Hmmm, I'm missing something, aren't I?

That's right! If you're a big fan of comics or someone who wants to test their acting chops then you can be part of the project as well!

if you want to play a character in the story, contact me at [email protected] for auditions. I'm looking for people who really want to have fun but still commit to the character(s). All you have to do is email me a message talking about what character you would be interested in and send a sample voice recording of your character's lines.

Example: You want to play Thor then you would send your best Thor impression or (whatever you think he should sound like) of you reading a piece of dialogue that Thor says in Civil War. I'm looking for unique voice acting too so don't play it safe...don't give me a cliche Peter Parker voice try to mix it up make it your own version.

I will keep you guys updated on the project in future articles, thank you all for helping!



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