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Cody Reece

I have been thinking, what if Harry Osborn is not the Green Goblin at all. What if he is the Hob Goblin?

Now, It is not official yet if Harry is officially the Green Goblin. That is just a rumor. But he could also be the Hob Goblin too!

In the trailer, a man had a some kind of metal suit on, and he had Orange hair. The Orange hair what really got me thinking. Because the noticeable difference between the Green Goblin and the Hob Goblin is the color! The green Goblin is green, and the Hob Goblin is Orange. Not only that, the man was on a glider too. The Green Goblin and the Hob Goblin both used Gliders to travel to one place to the other!


What Villain Could Harry Be?

What do you think?


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