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Chris Fields

All this interview does is show that Gadot not only is the wrong choice for the part, but doesn't respect the fans at all. The fight training and bulking up isn't the issue: she CAN NOT ACT! Gal is an underwear model that has had a few bit parts in a few movies, and wasn't very good in those. She was hired for Date Night because she could say "You want sex with me?" and F&F 6 and 7 to be eye candy, period.

Now I've heard all the people say that well Chris Hemsworth was unknown before "Thor" and Henry Cavil was unknown before MoS but here is the truth, they were unknown to movie goers, but they were very well known to casting execs and movie insiders and had years of small parts to hone their acting skills before getting the breakout roles and carry a FRANCHISE. Gal has had none of this.

Then the next thing people say is "She was in the Israeli army and must know how to fight, WRONG everyone from Israel spends 2 years in the army it's mandatory and she was a fitness instructor, and as we all know the saying those who can't do teach lol.

Finally everyone says "well she won the casting and we should trust Goyer and Snyder". I highly doubt that they had the final say. I'm sure they had input but in no way were the be all and end all. WB/DC are planning on carrying on with a WW solo film and hopefully a franchise so why would they leave it up to the producer/director of another film? And lets face it DC films have been over abundant with horrible casting choices from Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Brandon Routh as Superman and Kate Bosworth as Lois in "Superman Returns", George Clooney as Batman with Chris O'donnell for Robin, and the list can go on for a mile so no I don't have faith in the casting at DC. Just because they have a few great choices here and there does not a trend make.

So every argument I've heard for Gal being a good Wonder Woman is all a leap of faith, and I don't have much in DC at all. I really liked MoS but to be honest didn't think The Dark Knight trilogy was all that everyone else hypes it up to be, so in my opinion they have a track record of bad casting and for that matter bad films that far out weigh the good ones. Now that being said I will be there to see it and hope I am wrong and she blows it out of the water but I highly doubt it will be so.

And one final thought is that sure she may be fine in MoS2 but that could simply be due to good editing and playing to her strengths and hiding her weakness' so we won't actually know if she is a good WW until the stand alone film.

So I know everyone will bitch and complain that they're all for her; at this point I've heard it all but feel free.


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