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One of the best parts of Arrow this season is the inclusion of a lot more characters from the comics. The first season had some great ones: China White, Count Vertigo and The Huntress. The show did have characters from the comics on the show, but this season it brought to another level. This season has brought several more characters onto the show. We had recurring villains Brother Blood, Bronze Tiger and Dr. Ivo. The first appearance of Amanda Waller was in the first half of the season. Sin showed up along with Black Canary, who’s had a surprising identity. Additionally we have the beginning of the origin story of The Flash. In the second half we have Shrapnel, The Clock King and Nyssa al Ghul are on their way.

The amount of characters is great, but I have some ideas of who I think would be great on the show. Now before I start I wanna say that I would love to throw Superman, Batman and Green Lantern on the show, but with the amount it has stayed away from huge heroes and powers (minus Barry Allen’s transformation). I looked for characters who would fit in the world the show has created and make sense because of characters previously introduced.


This would be a great character to be on the show and also a realistic choice. Nightwing is big enough to excite fans, but not big enough to overshadow The Arrow. The show as references Bludhaven several times, including when Oliver saved Walter in Season One, much like they did Star City before Barry Allen came along. The introduction of Nightwing would add a character to the hero mix, but the use of Dick Grayson could also add to the show. In the comics part of his time in Bludhaven is spent being a police officer. This could led to him working with The Arrow through getting information from police as well as interactions with both Laurel and Detective Lance (I’m with Felicity, I will always refer to him as Detective), two characters that have fallen to the side a little this season. Working with Laurel through her job, possibly a love interest that is not evil or terrible (Sebastian Blood and Adam Donner I’m looking at you) and he could be partner with Detective Lance.

The Question

I am obsessed with The Question being on Arrow. The investigator turned vigilante could be very interesting. The one thing about our characters on Arrow is that now one is very good at investigating things. First with the Undertaking and now with formation of Slade’s team, the heroes are always several steps behind. The Question could smarten them up a little. I have seen his character portrayed as a journalist and a detective, always paranoid. He could be an old army friend of Diggle’s who saw too much and was effected by it. Regardless of how it is done, he is a character that could be a great addition to the world created by the show. Plus it would give them a reason to bring The Huntress back, since they have previously been linked romantically.


I thought of Cheshire because of Huntress’ arc in season one. Oliver and Sara Lance both have done bad things, but they are not shown as villains. Huntress was a different story, we never knew if she was a hero or a villain. I think that type of conflict was one of the few things that made her interesting. Cheshire could have a similar journey, although it would be from villain to less of a villain, let’s be real Cheshire is not going to become a hero. Additionally her story is linked to Roy Harper, which would give him a story arc that deals with his life as a hero, or potential hero, and not his relationship. Having a villain with a soft spot for one of our heroes could get interesting moving forward. I was never a fan of their romantic relationship ending with a life together as shown in some of the other DC television shows, but I think having her be a love interest could make for an interesting arc. Plus you know who would be perfect: MAGGIE Q! I mean let’s be serious who else could play her, but Nikita (although she may be too old for Roy, but I’m ignoring it).


We need some one-off bad guys and Sportsmaster could be a good one. Further down the line if Cheshire is introduced his episode could be a very great one because of their potential interaction. I thought Sportsmaster was pretty boring character until I saw him on Young Justice. Arrow does a very good job with the relationships between characters and this could be a good one.

Rick Flagg

Ted Whittal’s Rick Flag from Smallville makes me want him on Arrow for some reason. I know the Suicide Squad on Arrow already has Bronze Tiger, Brother Blood, Deadshot, Deathstroke and probably China White and Amanda Waller to choose from, but the idea of Rick Flag just interests me for some reason. I know Deadshot is the one with a link to Diggle, but the emergence of someone Diggle knew from his military days could be the catalyst to Team Arrow finding out about the Suicide Squad, since their run-in with Amanda Waller was not very interesting, but she has another episode to make an impression. Even as a guest role in one episode working with the Suicide Squad, I find him to be such a compelling character.

Lady Shiva

Like with Cheshire the idea of characters without clear motives work best on shows like Arrow. Lady Shiva is an assassin for hire, perfect way to come into the show, who is associated with Batman’s world. Well since I am praying for NIghtwing, someone can send her to kill him. Since she is sometimes seen as an ally and enemy, we can learn about her through her refusal to kill Nightwing. Also Black Canary can see Lady Shiva and learn something about herself or she her progress through Lady Shiva.


Now I hope the show is leading to a team of superhero, hopefully more successfully than Smallville. If that is the case Onomatopoeia is a good villain to add. A character that wants all masked heroes dead. Before Oliver knows who Black Canary is, he says to his team that he does not want the city overrun with vigilantes. A situation could arise where people start to play vigilante and that is when Onomatopoeia comes into the picture. Killing someone and having Oliver blame himself because he brings the villain to his city. I read that the producers did not use the character because his creator thought that he could not be adapted to television or movies. While it’s his character originally I think a killer who targets heroes can be used down the line.


Sara Lance deserves some backstory that does not have to do with the League of Assassins. She did say that she learned to fight there and spent time with them, but there are some gaps to be filled. Oliver said he was sure she died, maybe she met a person then. Also he did leave to hide from the League after Episode 5. There are a bunch of places for Wildcat to fit into her life and I think that he is definitely a necessary character. Also Sara has some issues to deal with (like killing people often) in the present and maybe Oliver can’t be the one to help her. Wildcat could be the person who helps her transition to life at home when she decides it’s time for reentry.


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