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This movie is so highly anticipated, it has me doing PREDICTION ARTICLES. But this one I think will divide the Moviepilot community 50-50.

I'm going to start off by saying there will be little to no images in this post because I'm typing this using my aunt's iPad and don't want to overload her images with a bunch of Ben Affleck and Dwayne Johnson pictures.

Here are my predictions for what everything from villains to plot to future movies I think we will see in the summer of 2015:

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be Lobo

The way I have this movie planned out is that The Rock will be playing Lobo in the sequel and the recent news of him and his new involvement with DC only strengthens my point. He can be Black Adam, GLJS, or even Bane but I feel The Rock would truly shine as Lobo due to his on screen charisma and the fact that can without a doubt pull off the cocky arrogant villain that Lobo is.

Johnson's Lobo will be the main villain in the movie along with Lex Luthor who will play a 2nd villain who will make Supes life a living hell in futue MOS movies.

I'm pushing for a 60:40 Lobo to Luthor ratio in is next movie. Even 65:35 or even 70:30 is okay with me. Give Lobo his shine and showcase the character's talents with a Lex Luthor as a non-fighting villain (or have him in full battle suit, comes down to preference) only to have Luthor come back for sequels perhaps being behind most if not all of Superman's villains such as a solo movie with Supes (and Steel, yes Steel) teaming up against Parasite & Metallo. The possibilities are endless.

Steve Trevor should be in the movie to get us primed for a Wonder Woman solo film.

This idea is foolproof:

Since the public is rather skeptical of Superman and Luthor is at the helm and doesn't trust this "alien", Steve Trevor is the perfect character to play an "I don't trust this guy Superman" as one of the "Big 4" (Lobo, Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne/Batman).

Trevor, in this movie will be a military soldier who works under Luthor, a friend of Bruce Wayne and WW's love interest (further explored in a standalone WW film) it would be a cool way to further get the WW universe familiarized with the general audience. Trevor could be the trigger that helps introduce WW into the movie.


Dick Grayson/Nightwing will play Gotham's protector since Affleck's Batman is semi-retired and is "cave-ridden"

This story arc would work so well on the big screen because it just enhances the "coming out of retirement" clichè while also brings back the "old friends turned distant" theme as well.

Since Batfleck is retired in the MOS sequel, it forces NW to protect the streets of Gotham. Batfleck is in his Batcave where he uses drones to take his place.

Once the events of MOS have taken place, it becomes a burden on NW dealing with an alien on Earth and feels a need to seek help in his mentor, Bruce Wayne. They work past their personal issues resulting in Batfleck coming out of retirement to focus on taming Superman.

Wonder Woman can be discovered by Superman

I love this scenario:

Wonder Woman is brought to Metropolis by Steve Trevor as a 'secret weapon'. Trevor is the ONLY one who knows of WW's capabilities until Superman (and eventually the rest of the world) realizes there is something odd with her. She eventually turns into WW to aid Superman and Batman in their battle against Lobo/Luthor. Throughout the movie, she's Diana Prince and doesn't come out her shell until the 3rd act.

That's it for my MOS2 predictions! Am I genius or am I insane? Let me know in the comments


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