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Reading a few of the articles on Agent Coulson and the comments of those articles, it seems that everyone has decided that he is either a Life Model Decoy, a Clone, Didn't actually die, Died but was brought back by either Dr. Strange or the Scarlett Witch, or is in actuality the Vision. After researching the character and checking out a hunch I have a different, more probable theory. Agent Coulson IS a superhero, but NOT the Vision. It is my belief that he is actually Multiple Man A.K.A. James Authur "Jamie" Madrox (Pictured right of Clark Gregg above) or more precisely one of his Duplicates. Let me explain and then you decide:

Reason one - Multiple man in the Marvel comic Universe is NOT considered a Mutant, but a "Changling", which is the evolutionary Subset that links Humans and Mutants. His power, which he has had since birth is that he can make multiple copies or Duplicates of himself. He sends these copies into the world to live their lives taking on different names as well as Occupations and he absorbs their Knowledge and Abilities. In the comics, One of Multiple Man's dupes is killed while working with X-Factor and can't be absorbed back into his body. That is when he realizes how independent they truly are. This would explain how he is still "alive" after Loki killed him in the Avengers, since he can't re-absorb a deceased clone and he gains it's memories before death. Reason two - Professor X is a family friend of the Madrox's and Jamie knows Mr. Fantastic as well, which means that Marvel could use Agent Coulson to connect the Fox Universe and the Avenger's Universe together without making mention of "Mutants" simply by having him talk about his "old friend" that runs a school in New York. X-men and Fantastic Four Universe's connected with Marvel's without Breach of Usage Lawsuits being filed. Reason Three - As a Teenager in the comics, Jamie is sent to Muir Island in order to help Moira McTaggert with her research and learn how to control his powers. Due to Fox's having the rights to all X-Men related Material, it would make sense that Muir Island be replaced with Tahiti or what Agent Coulson assumes is Tahiti. This could be where Multiple Man "Prime" is located and where his clones go to heal when injured. Reason Four - In the "Civil War" storyline, one of Jamie's duplicate's is an Agent of Shield that enforces the Superhuman Registration Act. Reason Five - In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Jamie knows both Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver and during the age of Apocalypse storyline, he over-extends his powers with the result being that his dupes become Apocalypse's secret police until Quicksilver and Banshee attempt to rescue him (This would tie Agent Coulson to the X-men's version of Quicksilver, just as He is connected to the Avenger's Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch). He then dies after shutting all of his duplicates down. We all know that Marvel's Cinematic Universe likes to take parts of the Main Stream Earth 616 and the Ultimate Universe's Earth when they plan their films, so Agent Coulson being Jamie Madrox's clone would fit. There you have them, folks. My five reasons for thinking that Agent Coulson is a Duplicate of (or possibly the original) Multiple Man AKA Jamie Madrox. What do you think? Can I possibly be on to something? leave your comments below, keep it clean and as always follow me on [email protected] if you wish.


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